Saturday, April 30, 2005


at the time i am writing this, my eyes are exactly as the description above.nah, its not me crying my eyes out or anything...if i were to be upset about everything, i would not be alive right now!! but its funny, about me writing yesterdays depression. i found out, as usual, that i do have really super nice friends.yay!!!!

most were quite surprised that i can manage to be depressed, and its really nice when you know that people think about you. some told me funny stories... like this gal who told me she was even more depressed than me because she managed to overturn her car, with other people inside it, and the car belonging to her workplace. others came and chat to me, and others told me funny stories or other things to make me feel happy. so today...yeah, i was just thinking the other day, that i'm really blessed to have good friends. Friends who you know will care for you for life, and will stick by you, and tell you straight in the face if your dress sucks, or your makeup's all screwed up and stuff. and for the dozenth time, if the word dozenth does exist, i do thank god for such wonderful people in my life.

i just finished chatting for a friend on the hp, gonna cost me a bomb cos i used the s'wak line.We were talking about people who are wannabes, those who hide behind a facade, generally fake people etc. and no, i am not talking about imu students!! this is people in general. we both thought we would see the end of these people after sec school, and she was telling me, to her dismay, that these things exist in the workplace. i sometimes wish people wouldnt put on a charade. i know its not easy in life to be accepted, even i want to be liked by everyone, if possible. but wouldn't it be so much more nicer just to reveal your true selves? to not give a damn if you're not popular, not that good looking etc? i am not a perfect person, nor will i ever be. the thing i want to stress is that i am glad i have really good friends who accept me as i am, kooky person and all as i do of them. and i'm really glad i'm still in contact with so many of the good friends i have made throughout the years.and i do respect people who don't give a damn about what others think about the end of the day, if what you do, or who you are, makes you happy, so be it :)if everyone were the same,we might as well be robot-earth.

wow, i think that's the deepest i've written in months. glad to write something non-crappy for the moment also. back to the eyes are still googly, this has something to do with cheerleader coming to my house last night, and proceeding to be entralled about a documentary on the okavango river in africa! i thought it was funny cos he seemed so serious watching it. he even asked me to pay attention when the lions were about to mate. I didn't know they mate around 60 times a day. just thinking about him focusing on the tv when the lions mate makes me want to laugh hard!! the cheerleader also was suffering from a bad sore throat...he managed to finish drinking 1L of water from my house. as a result, i had to boil water at 2 am in the morning :( anyway, his voice was quite husky last night, and doesn't sound sexy matter how much you want it to be!! I also found out that C.L is really good at reading females minds. you truly have the best of both worlds...i know it because he revealed something about me that only i know. and he was spot on some more. i think you should work in a women's mag, you'll be a good aunt agony!The worst thing about the documentary was when they showed this deer being torn apart by 20 african wild dogs. i really had sympathy for it. imagine yourself being the deer, and knowing while still alive, that every part of your body is being torn apart, and you feeling the pain of having your guts ripped out, and watching the dog eating it in front of you. I'm making myself sick. if my grandma were to see this, i bet she would shoot the tv.She really hates this documentary stuff.

I'm off to enjoy my long weekend;hope to get some nice sleep and be fresh on monday. i do hope i get to catch matt's abs on that day!

Friday, April 29, 2005


i have just finished my exam, and i am so upset. first, i screwed up my bcq's, then a question about viagra came out. despite me having done the air topic, i still didn't remember how it works. kinda like shit now.The most sucky part is that i studied like nuts for this, then i did so bad.

my intuition tells me i won't do so well for this, and this sucks, because its usually correct. i also have class in the next hour, so i guess i'll have to calm myself down. the worst thing about the exam is how a spermatic cord can pass off so well as the vas deferens. me, being the idiot put the correct awnser first, then changed it to a wrong one. how dumb is that?

God,i hate the bcq's;it took away so many of my marks. Then, when we had the feedback session, the awnsers for some questions were so limited. I am still angry with the whole thing, primarily because i cannot score well.

aside from that the women's repro organs were cool for me, it the men's that screwed the thing up. Oh well, guess i have to do super well for renal. the problem is, it is predicted that people usually fail renal. The last thing i want to do is get low marks for everything.

Your Taste in Music:

90's Pop: Medium Influence
90's R&B: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
Hip Hop: Medium Influence
R&B: Medium Influence
80's R&B: Low Influence
90's Alternative: Low Influence
90's Hip Hop: Low Influence
Country: Low Influence
Dance: Low Influence
Hair Bands: Low Influence
Old School Hip Hop: Low Influence

i'm so bored, so here's how i love my music. By the way, on advice from a friend, i checked out this blog by a guy called malcolm at thinmadline.blogspot.i wish to thank the cheerleader for this because after reading this guys blog, my depression has got worse. so far, i don't think anyone can beat this guy in voicing out depression. i will be back in my jolly mood next week. sorry to dissapoint you all with my depression

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Since i've posted yesterdays musings about japs and their fascination for all things weird, i'll be writing about x-stuff today. not too heavy stuff, but just to let you all gauge my knowledge in this area.

Someone asked me whether i've been to an x-shop before, and what was my purpose there. Before i awnser this, i would like to blame some of my friends for dirtying my mind :). Thank god they're not reading this or else i would be jabbed with forks.

My first exposure to the birds n bees was when i first came to st. theresa's school. being in a girls school is so much fun. you get to be more rough and wilder than with the co-ed schools. anyway, this friend of mine, who was a yr younger than me, gave me my first mills n boons for my 13th birthday. i didn't think anything of it cos it had a picture of a pilot on the front cover. so i thought it was just a normal book. that book also happened to be the first m n b book i ever read. The middle parts of these books are always the most interesting;that was also the first time i really,really blushed in my entire life.

the funny thing about asian parents is that they don't want to talk about sex ed because they fear they will encourage their children to do it. parents in the west, though, see it as a way to tell their child the consequences of doing it. i also learned how adults do 'it' by one of my friends the following yr during a bio class. i was confused about how women can get pregnant just by sleeping side by side with a man. then she just told me the whole thing from A to Z. its amazing the friends i have!!

fast forward to form 5;that has got to be the most happening time in my life. it was also the time when all my friends were dirty minded. some were discrete about it, some made up some really wonderful jokes. i'm not sure about this, but i thing the most crazies girls in our class had to be angie, hanie (and maybe me). its embarassing to say that, but i really had a good time terrorizing some of the girls with angie and hanie. i particularly liked to pollute siti raha's brain. And i remember what dida gave me in form 5, a plastic rose. i still wonder why.

To make our minds more polluted, we went to all those specialty shops out of curiosity's sake. The one that got me laughing was that there were so many types of condoms; the Terminator, Rocket,etc. and for the fetish at heart, videotapes teaching one how to whip!!

as for shops selling x-books overseas, there was once when i saw this shop selling books directly above a restaurant.To read whilst you eat...Oh yeah, and there was also this book called coffee,tea or me, that i accidentally read a long time ago. it was supposedly based on a true story of stewardesses in the 60's.i'm not sure if one can still get it now. But it was quite funny and entertaining, if one's curious about it.

oh well, i have to study now as everyone is hard at work. i do detest imu's IT support. it sucks!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Battle Royale

Image hosted by

i've been meaning to write about this for a long time, but i haven't had the chance to finish watching it until yesterday.

this is a japanese movie which was produced in 2000, and was based on the controversial comic book by Koshun Takami. it is set in the next millenium, when the future japan when unemployement is at an all time high, and when students rebel against everyone. Each year, one class is randomly selected for this. they are brought to an isolated island, where their task is to be the ultimate survivor.

they are given weapons of any kind, including guns, hacks, dustbin lids etc, and the motto is to kill or be killed. the way those students are killed is horrendous. there's also a good dose of romance ( and cute guys ) thrown in. my favorite guy has to be taro yamamoto. he's super good looking. Only one ultimate survivor is allowed. if more than one are alive, they will be detonated by the collar that is attached around their neck. There's also the second series, but its hard to find.

The best thing about japanese films are that they are so creative. i seldom get to watch real jap films, but i have seen a lot of cartoon movies based on mangas. One of the best is Princess Mononoke, and a host of others. For tv watching, it has to be samurai x. The difference with western films is that they do tell a story, but its so dicsrete that you have to pay close attention to the film.

I'm not a really big fan of some of the jap mangas though. There's this one shop in midv that caters to manga fans. some of the comics are great. the ones that i destest are those with their girl characters having abnormally huge boobs. The japs can be creative and perverse at the same time. i do know that in japan, that there are novelty bookshops that cater to those that like to read x-rated stuff (mangas included). And some places in the world that i've been to have these too. Interesting...

The sad thing is that malaysia doesn't really pay much attention to asian movies. i've heard of some interesting films coming from korea too. Sadly , i have to search for the dvd editions to look at some of them.

Movies that i am going to watch are kingdom of heaven and star wars 3. Orlando bloom looks so good in it. i've never seen him being that seductive! and star wars, just to see how darth vader got created. but i do give battle royale 8 out of 10 because its so weird.

Friday, April 22, 2005

This Week...

A lot of funny and humorous insights have happened to me this week. Someone told me a blog should be a mixture of facts, serious stuff and light hearted jokes.So far, mine seems to be a lot of crap. Sorry, but it truly does show my life at the moment. Since i have 20 minutes left to pbl, here we go...

Best encounter: Prof M saw me borrowing the renal book last wed, and called me a kiasu. Ah,what a revelation! An ex-kiasu calling me kiasu. I bet he's already borrowed that book last week.

Weird moment: Toxoplasma covering her face with her jacket and rocking back and forth in her chair during anatomy lecture. i wished i had my cam with me.

Memorable : Me feeling fetus' head and rump while palpating pregnant moms. What a joy to be pregnant :)

Sad moment: Anwar Robinson got voted out of american idol. i was really hoping he would be in the top 3.

Uncool insult: During csu, this lecturer was bemoaning about fat pregnant mothers and the way their fat drops all the way to their side. i feel sick right now.

Weird fact: Zos the 4th hates ass-lickers.
My friend Dee has to dig out pigs for her masters project in zoology.Why?

Worst boyband this week: Blue;they're overrated

Best boyband this week : McFly's "its all about you"

OUch : Cheerleader thought i was in love with da' pimp. i feel sad and bemused at the same time. Might want to sharpen your senses my dear. i am not a cradlesnatcher!!

Most gaya: Prof. Okh looked snazzy with his newly cut hair and yellow banana shirt this week.

Best tv show: Oprah teaching women on how to dress the right way

Only in malaysia: Do i see orange and red coconut trees. Doesn't anybody love green anymore?

Best announcement: My friend is getting married and she's invited me to her wedding!
Now i have to find a suitable baju kurung

Nice combo:carrot juice,apple juice and 1/3 cup of low fat milk

Best sighting : L at rooftop buying lunch

Best day: Thursday. Relax and unwind

New leader: pope benedict the 16th. i hope he won't seggregate the church any further

The Ugliest news: China vs. Japan relations

Only in America: Top notch chefs for dogs

Last but not least....

BEST QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I 'happen' to be straight" by Cheerleader

Toxoplasma and i are really wondering about this sentence. You readers should too. What does he mean by 'happen'? Another cheerleader mystery, i suppose.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Seremban gynae

The title above is a bit odd, but that's what i've been doing this morning. Whew! what a rush it was. i forgot that my number has changed and that i was supposed to go for clinic visit. its lucky that i woke up early. then, i was supposed to go and help some sem 3 students with their osce, and i couldn't do that this morning. i'm still feeling quite bad over my carelesness.
My weekend was uneventful, i was supposed to go out, have some mud pie and watch Sahara. after all, how can i miss the chance to watch matthew whats-his-name.He's been voted as having the best chest in hollywood. Oh well, i'll just have to watch all those missed movies on dvd. The next big one is star wars 3. i have to watch it cos its the last installment of the series. i'm not a mad star wars fan. i've played the game once, and i liked it.
anyway, for once i didn't waste my time away in the clinic. We had csu session yesterday for vaginal exa,pap smear and antenatal exa. its all so very interesting, and it led me to the conclusion that women, indeed are very complex beings.We get infected by so many types of diseases, and have to suffer so much in the name of pregnancy.i also found out that i'm not fit to be a gynae because i have short fingers. how sad.
Today, i managed to palpate unborn fetuses, and its a wonder. Just feeling for the baby's head and listening to their heart sounds is...just great!!i think i will really enjoy my time in the obs and gynae wards during clinical years. i also found out today that a majority of women usually abort their first fetus. And today also i saw a mute mother with her newborn child. i have never thought about handicapped patients before, and it is an eye-opener for me. her baby was being immunized, and i couldn't stand the sight of her baby being injected. i hope i'll get used to doing that in the future.
The polyclinic was a bit weird. they colored all the rooms pink. Even the curtains were pink!it reminded me of a little princess's room.and i found out, to my amusement, that there are orange and red colored coconut trees along the way to seremban. Maybe seeing too much green is a bore. i don't know.
i managed to search for more of my friends on friendsters,thank god for this website! if not it would be super hard to trace them. i found out that cynthia and jane are accountants, and cynthia's working in pricewaterhouse. good for her. She does look better with her long hair untied too.
And finally, one of my friends from um is getting married. i think its time for them to get married anyway. i hope i'll get invited, its been a long time too since i've seen her and sing lu. i don't like going for my pbl;i have a weird pbl fascilitator.
OH! and i saw lawrence at the rooftop today.sigh

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Speedo Lai

This image above is admittedly, rather hot.The main thing i want you all to focus is how the speedos this young man is wearing is accentuating his male beauty and sex appeal.
Before i start, i would like to dedicate today's musings to one of my bestest best friends, Cheerleader. He has a wonderful sense of humour, and is so nice to accept all the jibes and sarcasms that yvonne and i have/will throw at him.

The story begins...yesterday, just five minutes before class started, a classmate asked my friend about something important. if she had 50 bucks,and if she were in an auction, who would she buy? Would it be the Captain or would it be cheerleader? Without hesitation, she replied "The Captain".Captain was grinning from ear to ear, but so was cheerleader (from embarassment).

She was again asked who would she choose-Captain, or Cheerleader just wearing Speedos.Again, without hesitation she confidently said "The Captain".Now Captain was REALLY smilling his megawatt smile. I'd choose him too, cos he looks good!!

Cheerleader now knows that speedos look good only on CERTAIN people. The most famous Speedo wearer would be David Duchovny. The x-files rage was on when i was in secondary school, and i remember the scene when agent mulder came out of the swimming pool with his red speedos on. One of my friends literally swooned at the sight, and the next day at school, that was all we would hear from her. I think, Cheerleader, you would need to develop your abs a bit more. ON the bright side, i've found out that i really lost weight. Now i have a few more to shed.

I went for csu today, and i'm pleased to say that there is a wonderful canadian invasion going on here. my tutor for today, was a new doc i hadn't seen before. He's not good-looking, but he's cute.Very fair, and very school boyish. And he has a wonderful way of speaking!! I hope there'll be more invasions in the future.

Today's history taking was a bit hard.It was about erectile dysfunction and sexual infections. i sympathised with my friend who was asking about the erectile q, because admittedly its not easy,and the patients were really playing out their part with gusto. And i'm really enjoying my lessons now, its getting interesting. Hopefully i'll have the same enthusiasm for clinical school.

The semester 3's are getting anxious about their exams. Just yesterday, one of them asked me to help them with their csu practice.iknow a number of my classmates who are also graciously helping them. At first, i told her i didn't have the time, cos somehow this week i'm super busy. my dad will be arriving this weekend, and my mum will be off somewhere. Then, i felt bad for not helping people, so i managed to slot in a time. it'll be fun to supervise people for once, and not being the one getting scolded!Anyway, i do have to revise all the previous systems. its really bad that the sem 5 exam is on 13th dec, that means there's no study break and that we'll have to work our asses off as soon as we can.

On another note, there was a medical achievement yesterday. i read that medical engineers created a machine whereby this paralysed man called michael, living in the us, was able to move things around simply by using his brain waves! They attaced a chip to his head, and the chip translated the brain waves into commands. It sort of reminded my of this fictional book about a detective called lincoln rhyme who could live in basically the same way, only he used his voice. Very interesting.

My closing note today will also be about cheerleader.I wonder about your current crush, my dear friend. Are you enthralled by the way LL teaches, or is is the way that LL speaks, with a seductive voice? Is it the laughter, that usually comes on at odd moments?? it the way LL pronounces..........Hungry BONE Syndrome???????/
I do sometimes wonder whether you stay awake all night and think about these attributes. Its one of the mysteries of life,i suppose.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The male mind

As you all know, studying repro and gynae can be interesting or harrowing. i have had the pleasure to experience both emotions during a particularly interesting lecture for epi. The lecturer was in his mode yesterday, and he came up with some ideas of thought that seem to reflect the male mind. i will be quoting him. It may not be precisely what he says, but i'm sure you all are mature enough to understand (are you, cheerleader????)

1. South korean women have the lowest number of breast cancers compared to New Zealand women. This is because they have smaller breasts than the NZ's.

My saying: Now we know a cheaper and healthier way to get bigger breasts : drink new zealand dairy milk!

2.After a woman has had surgery done to remove the breasts, her confidence goes down. this is because there's nothing but rubber left.

My saying: I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when he said this. But i'm pretty sure my mouth was gaping wide.

3.It feels funny for men to be walking around without two testes, if they have testicular cancer. So far, no self-examination has been created for men and their testes.

My saying: Cheerleader has proposed that he will invent one. I'm patiently waiting.

4. Before marriage, women have nice, shapely figures. After marriage, they look like nice, rounded muffins.

My saying:Bring on the muffins! I'd like chocolate,please.

General Conclusion: Repro brings out the best in men!

Anyway, today we had another interesting lecture, about puberty. And as usual, the female lecturer who was teaching got very high about her own notes. For example, she was laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl when the pic of Andy lau came onscreen.There were other things that she said, but i can't remember. i was too busy focusing on her,ahem, laughter.

i also found out today, that the petals on the rose are a symbol of the private parts of a woman. No wonder there were so many around in the movie American Beauty!!
What i do know is that the oyster is symbolised with the female private part too. I squarely put the blame of this knowledge on my friends who've been feeding me romance novels since i was 13. The shame....
I do remember reading one saucy book. it was called Coffee,Tea or Me, detailing the supposedly true sex antics of a bunch of stewardesses in the 70's or 60's. The book was a bestseller in those days because not only was it about sex, but it also managed to be funny and sad at the same time. The sad thing was that i got caught reading it by my mum, and i got an earful from her. The days of me reading these books are sadly, drawing to an end since i've had enough of near naked men seducing beautiful rich, near naked women! I will be more serious about life and read lee kuan yew's memoir. Perhaps he can teach me to become a good politican one day...

I found out that most men are jerks. A friend broke up with her bf.He dumped her because he was interested in another girl. At a social gathering, he was cozying up to the girl, right in front of the ex's eye. I feel so sad for my friend. She really liked him, and i seriously thought that they would eventually get married one day. I just hope she'll find a better guy next time.

On another note, i'm happy for another friend of mine who finally is in a relationship with the guy that she likes. He's such a sweet guy, the things he does for her during the courtship period makes me feel so jealous! I can't wait to see them, though, when i have the time.

and another thing,i found out that when some guys have competition, they tend to do really bad stuff. what jerks!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Imu ball

First of all, the photos are already online! I'm happy bcos it took me an hour just to find the correct web host. and its not easy, i tell you.

The ball was great. It may lack in some areas, but its still great. One thing was that everyone, guy or girl looked absolutely STUNNING! I couldn't even recognise some of my friends because they look so pretty. Heck, i couldn't even recognise sharon at first. i'm so not used to seeing her without makeup,so its good to see her looking feminine. Most of the gowns that night were great, and so was the hair and makeup. i didn't see bad fashions, and that is a relief.

The food was normal, i'm glad that i didn't have to suffer from fried rice syndrome again. This is the first ball where i've been served smoked salmon, so its quite a surprise. The funniest food that night had to be scooping up some wan tan ball from some creamy soup. it looks like the ball just drowned and was floating.The other funny thing was this guava dessert which not many people liked. i just ate it because its cold.

The ball was more for sem 5, and its quite sad to see them part. The live band that performed was ok for me;they did a lot of jazzy tunes, though some people thought they were boring. Araving and the cheerleader were the only guys at our table, but its okay when you have two of the most goodlooking guys sitting with you (Cheerleader should be happy with this!!).Eugenia finally found the right cheongsam for herself, and she looked really pretty that night. i love her shoes though.

Yvonne's dress was gorgeous, but i don't know why she covers it up most of the time. And yes, she managed to take a pic with J. Me being the blur one didn't know it was him. Could it be because he's not that hot as he was supposed to be? i'm not sure, though the guy did have a good time taking pics with all the girls. My ratings for j is 6/10.sorry yvonne, he just didn;t rock my world.

On another note, i am happy that i finally manage to take a pic with L, j's friend. And i'm so sad he's going away next month. He didn't dress up, but his character made up for it. He's so cute!!!

The cheerleader and i , for some reason, dressed up in pink. And, most importantly, he was nominated as the prom king. and for some unusual reason too, he gave a funny awnser during the q and a session. But i was glad he realised he is a giant. The title of prom king and queen went to the sem 5s.

Kathryn was a surpise to see at the ball, and even though she didn't wear a gown, she was sooo hot that everyguy in my batch (and others) were queueing up to take photos with her. Cheerleader was in awe of her that night, and so was i. Glad she's going to seremban, will be fun with her.

After the ball, there were 2 other after parties at the hotel rooms. one of them was hosted by kenlin. Mostly the futsal people went;i didn't go because i was just too tired to carry on. by the time we went back, it was 2 in the morning, and it was the first time that i could sit down properly.we came back around 3, cos we took a wrong turning somewhere. Luckily, the cheerleader and lalitha were throwing verbal abuses at each other , so it wasn't so boring. Then, we went to the mamak stall for a while to drink. That also was the first drink we had for two hours.

I felt sad that jenson didn't have a date. But i'm not interested in being his date either. I think jeremy was the most outstanding dresser from our batch. It was a cross between a mafia/pimp. I'm hoping he never gets to read this article or i will be dead!

All in all, i went back to sleep at 5 am on sunday, and i didn't go to church because i would be taking a whole pew for myself to sleep, and that would be selfish. I also went jogging for the first time in 2 weeks,and it felt so good.

Now, i have to get back to my repro notes. its been piling up like crazy.

And the photos i put may not be much;i'll be adding more soon. Some were accidentally deleted from my thumb drive.i have problems adding a link to it from the blog so here's the address:

Cheerleader and yvonne, i think this is an ok site cos its not too fussy. might want to give it a try!

Friday, April 08, 2005


Today i skipped malaysian studies, cos i think i'm going to be exempted anyway. But the classes are not bad;even though the lecturer talks nonstop for an hour (really!).
And its made worse when you have a full bladder because it would be so embarassing to stand up in the middle of a class and run to the loo.
The topics are usually interesting, as i am interested in politics. some people may accuse her of voicing her own opinions, but i don't think so. the things she says are true, and i have witnessed it myself during my time in um.
The topics are usually about the special rights granted to the bumiputras, how the Chinese managed to be wealthy, and how the Indians are still far behind. Not to mention the bumis in Sarawak, who were entirely left behind in her discussions, and riling some of the people who think they should be included too.
Anyway, i learned a very important thing about malaysia's first prime minister, Tunku Abd. Rahman. I found out that he was not so scholastically inclined (yay!). It took him 6 years to get his B.A from England. But the man did have one very special thing going for him; he was a people's person and possessed the necessary charm and charisma to knock off people's socks. Incidentally, i would like to add that my brother has this ability too, making me insanely jealous of him.I think i'd just slaughter anyone that gets in my way.
It was because of his charisma that made malaysia gain independence in 1957 rather than 1961 (when Onn jaafar asked the brits). The teacher then went on to say in life, it doesn't matter if we are the most genius people on earth, but what good would it be if we cant interact with people?
I do agree with that, i'm not sure for medical people whether we really need it because there will always be sick people around. But i guess if you have to open your own clinic, its survivability would not only depend on the doc's skills, but also the way he interacts with patients. With this in mind, i will try my best to charm the socks of everyone. Who knows if i were to be a politician in the future??
On another note, i am really grateful to the invention of the Pap smear. Without it, so much more women would be dying from ovarian/cervical cancer. Bless!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I am super sick today, and i feel like sleeping now. i was sneezing like nuts yesterday after class, and it was sort of like a record for me:20 sneezes nonstop.Then last night i went to bed early in the hopes of waking up fresh and healthy, but nooo, i didnt' sleep at all. This is despite me taking 2 panadol cold tablets.

Amazingly, i presevered for csu today, and managed to learn the right way to take a menstrual and obs histories. its rather interesting, i might add. Even as a girl, i will admit its not that easy to ask a woman about her menstrual period.

Today i will pay tribute to one of my guy friends who had the courage, and the confidence to wear a pink shirt to class yesterday. He matched it with a purple tie, and to tell you the truth,it looked very nice. he managed to pull the whole pink thing off too! and in the right shade of pink, i might add.Unfortunately, i have observed that the color pink is not meant to be worn by men. My friend demonstrated an amazing SLOWNESS to my jokes yesterday;it took him a full 5 minutes to understand them. And not only that, the color pink makes him burst into sudden fits of laughter. Which is quite scary when you're sitting 2 seats away from him...all in all i conclude that the color pink is just NOT meant to be worn by men, unless you have nothing else in your closet.

Another obervation i made was that the hot guy J is BIG news in imu. every girl i've met claims that he is the most good-looking, fair, tall, deep sexy voice guy they have ever met! And until now, i have not even seen the tip of his hair. i wonder where is he hiding. His ratings are quite high, garnering 9 out of 10 from most girls. Whatever it is, before he, or i leave imu, i must at least catch a glimpse of him, assess his cuteness, and if i'm lucky enough, get a picture with him. If we have high aspirations, it can be met.

Yesterday, the lecturer herself got quite excited while discussing about the menstrual period and ovarian cycle. i didn't catch the joke, but it had something to do about studying in a girls school (?)

She also mentioned another weird fact:when male athletes are going to participate in any event, they are shown pornographic pictures to stimulate them. What,you ask? Well, that's what she says, and i should be inclined to believe them. Sometimes its hard being a male. You have to do so many things just to achieve glory!My eyes feel like dropping out now, so i must bid you all bye-bye.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kiasu people

the extremely short topic today is about kiasu malaysians (because i have class in 10 minutes).i am writing this because i am particularly unhappy about the way my photostated repro book just vanished into thin air yesterday.

i was careless enough to leave the book in audi. no wonder i had a nagging feeling something was not right. and there i was, happily watching the simpsons. when i was about to mop the house last night, i then realised i left it in the hall. so there i was sprinting all the way back to imu to get it, only to realise some idiot had already taken it. if someone gives me back the book today i am happy. if not, it just reflects how sad imu students are. we pay lots of dosh to be here, but we can't even afford to photostate our own stuff. Which brings me back to the story of my friend who lost her labcoat at the library cubicle. why anyone would want to steal a labcoat that's probably loaded with tons of germs, saliva and dirt is a mystery to me.
i suggested to my friend that probably the person is a labcoat collector. if not, the person probably thinks that having 4 labcoats is just not enough. one has to have 5, for each day of the week!
i am also happy to report that i have been busy spreading the flu virus all across kl. particularly at the lrt stations and in sg. wang. just doing my duty of being a vector.

My weekend

Ah, now we've come to the real topic of the day.After sadness, there comes light.
And i have exactly 30 minutes to spill out everything.

My weekend was full of old movies and lots of napping (exam aftershock).I woke up on Sat with a nice pounding headache. Thank god i took a panadol and it went away.Went to midv in the afternoon to scour for a dress, then came to the conclusion that i am fated to wear a pink colored one. And i finally saw Jaws 2 for the first time! Exciting? yes, especially that i can't see a huge shark like that in real life. I was being sarcastic.
Wanted to watch movies, but then i was out of cash and everyone was pretty busy.
But i seriously enjoyed my sat night. i was watching david letterman, and he told about the george bush joke.
What is george bush's best pick up line?

Are you from Afghanistan?

I know with the pic above its hard to imagine him being charming with that one -liner, but believe me it was funny.
The next memorable interview was the one where the kumars had an interview with boy geoge. All i can say is that he's shocking.i wonder why he likes to paint his body? but he does have beatiful eyelashes, and he's got nice lips.
The worst was on sunday when i had to return my borrowed books to subang parade and got absolutely caught in the rain. And it is NOT romantic to be dripping wet from head to toe, even with an umbrella for cover. i can only hope the books i borrowed are worth reading.
The last topic for the day is racism.i was chatting to some friends online, when a friend of mine told me she experienced racism, and from the very same girl/people who really wanted to be friends with me. isn't it ironic? it got me really sad because i can't believe some people i know will act like that. I told her either it has never happened to me, or i must be the blurrest person in the planet.And its sad because we all knew each other since we were young.
I don't like things like this being revealed, because now i will see these people in a different light. And she wouldn't elaborate more, but it gave me just enough info to see her schooling days were not happy. Lucky for her she went to another school.
The moral of the day is that people still judge you based on your parents status, how much cash you have, and whether you are socially at the same level with them
if i am angry enough, i might write again about this topic another day.

"Are you from Afghanistan?"

In Memory (2)

I was thinking of startin today's blog by writing nice things, but it seems i can't.
Today's memorare is for my great grandmother who just passed away this morning. And again, i am not that sad that she has to go, rather i see it as a way of going away from her sufferings.
We all call her Nenek Wai. I think she's between 87-90 years old now, no one can really be sure, because during the japanese occupation, they just put whatever age they like for you. For the past one year she had been suffering from Parkinson's disease, and the last time i went to see her in feb, she didn't recognise me the first time (she hadn't seen me for at least 2 years).its scary what parkinson's can do to a person, at times she will be meek as a lamb, at times she can fly into a rage. But it was these past 4 months that her condition got really worse.
I will just remember her as being a really good grandma. Always giving me cash, and telling me all sorts of weird stuff about life. Sometimes, i want to laugh at the things she tells me, not because i mock her, but what she says is truly hilarious (at least for my wacky sense of humor).The amazing thing about her is that despite her old age, she can still walk to the market (about 30mins away) or to my house, which is equally far. If i were her age, i'd just wait for people to come to me.
She was very gutsy, and independent. i guess she doesn't like to trouble people.
But there are other times as well when i feel sorry for her, because some relatives are being nice to her for a specific purpose.
She was married twice, first to a man she didn't like, and resulting in my grandma, and then to a police sargeant a few years later. It also resulted in her giving birth to my grandma's sister. I saw her pics when she was young, and i have to admit both she and her second husband were good looking people.They had a fairly comfortable life, due to her husband's job. After that, my story of her is not known, but i will always remember her as being nice to me and my brother. She really has a soft spot for my bro, he can charm the sock's off any girl!
i'm feeling bad again because i won't be attending the funeral,my dad prefers me not to skip class. Feeling really bad because i haven't prayed for anyone also. Must do it tonight.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

In Memory


At 3 or 4 pm this morning, pope john paul the second passed away due to a heart attack and failed organs.I only learned about it this morning when i woke up from sleep.
I'm not that sad about him passing away. Rather, i'm happy for him now that he's in a much better place in heaven. And i'm very sure that during his last moments on earth, he would already have left his physical body for another realm.
i'm not being kooky, just that i truly believe for someone as good as the pope,i'm sure the Lord will give him a painless death.
I respect him for being brave to speak out about things that not only concerns christians, but the whole world in general.He was not only speaking for our behalf, but also for the Lords, and Jesus Christ.And i do agree that there should be respect for all faiths, because which faith on earth truly intructs its followers to kill other humans for fun?
His efforts to bring together Christians from all sects is also commendable, because we all worship one Lord. What is the point of going to church every week, and disliking other christians who are not from the same sect as you?For we are all god's children, and he will provide for us.
No matter what his detractors say, i will respect the pope. can you imagine that you are in charge of 1.1 billion followers of the Lord, and whatever you do or say will have an impact on all of them? Not to mention people who want to assasinate you just because of your religion?
things that he spoke of:family values, anti abortion, inter-racial dialogue,female priests.No doubt times have changed, but in a way i understand his logic for some of the things he has spoken against.The Roman Catholic church is very set in its ways and tradionalistic, and that's why we have different sects of christianity nowadays.
If i'm offending some people , i'm sorry, but i think that's the way i see things.
The world has truly lost a good leader today, a leader that truly cares for all humans on earth, and who has been championing the cause of peace ever since he became the pope. I truly respect the way he's been trying to bring israel and palestine to a standoff.
May he rest in peace, may he always continue to look down upon us, and may the lord help the cardinals to choose the suitable leader for the roman catholic church.

My undue respect also goes to all the priests, monks, brothers, evangelists and the faithful,who try to bring all of us closer to the lord.

And i pray that i will try my best to do something good on earth while i'm still alive.I read somewhere and i do realise that yes, our life on earth is so short, compared to the eterninty we will have in heaven. so, i hope i will contribute to the good of mankind in some way.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

April fools

in my previous post, i said that i had to get it out of my system. so here goes.

i saw in national geographic about this european tourist who was holidaying in nepal. while he was ordering his food, the waiter gave him complementary tea, and as he looked up at the man's face, he gave a scream and ran away. the guy wondered what was wrong, as everyone was also looking at him in fear. he asked them and all they said was 'your nose'.perplexed, the man went home to check out the problem.

he stood in front of the mirror for a long time, focusing all attention on his nose. only about half an hour later, he saw this small worm poking its head out of the nose, twitching its head about and scanning the air, before going back inside. the man said ' i swear i saw two little beady eyes on its head'.

he then went to the local clinic, and when the doctor saw it, his face was a grimace of pain. went the worm poked its way out again, the doctor quickly grabbed it, and the man braced himself for the extradiction. the doc pulled and pulled, and it was about 8 or 9 cm long. when he finally got the creature out, it was a leech. apparently the leech went inside this man's nose while he was taking a drink in a stream. he now keeps the leech as a momento of his stay in nepal.

in russia, researchers found that caning patients was a good way to relieve stress. the head of the research, dr. sergei has apparently caned more than 100 patients for this experiment. he concluded that as a result of caning, the patients were more relaxed and their immune system (i think) became stronger. he does not think that it will be a staple for clinics to come, but it would be good therapy for the patients. as for the patients themselves? most of them were averse to it in the beginning, but with time they enjoyed it and even asked to be caned more often.

i'm really wondering if i will ever do bizarre cases like the two above. no doubt the jungles of sarawak will have plenty of cases to deal with, but i would rather pull the leech from the leg/arm rather than the nose.

as for legal s and m? who knows, it might be the revolutionary medicine of the future, and might even put psychiatrists out of work.We might even see it legalised for treating patients in the next 20 years.
for those who are enterprising, now would be a good time to open up a bamboo/rattan factory specialising in canes. i remember in st joe's the headmaster had a collection of canes in various thickness and sizes. the boy who was about to be caned could choose whichever cane that would strike him. the headmaster was gerald lee, and his canes were legendary.
i on the other hand, am wondering if i am sadistic enough to cane patients. what if an old patient wanted to be caned? we should all salute dr. sergei for his impressive research. does anyone want to open a rattan factory with me? i have no problems sourcing them.

and are the two stories above absolutely true, or am i just pulling your legs on this one...happy april fools!

The dress

hee hee, exam is finally over and i'm looking forward to the weekend! i had a row with my mom yesterday, was my fault too, i was too stressed last night. i must say that mum's are a sensitive lot.i hope i don't become like my mom when i am old, god forbid. anyway, things are okay now and she's going back to kuching tonite. which means i have the whole house for myself...

exams were okay, i guess, and i hope that whatever awnsers that i put down were correct. i hate it when i always feel like sleeping halfway during the exams, and because of that i was unable to awnser the part about the gh protein. even though i knew it. Damn!

after exam i went to sg. wang with eugenia to look for that troublesome dress. and i am sooooooo lucky that i've found the one that i really like. the first moment i looked at it i knew that i am going to buy it. there are some things in life that just clicks for a moment, like you knew you were meant to have/cherish/get it, and in this case it was my time. i won't say much about it, just that i think its cute, and you all will just have to wait until after the ball to see it. i just hope no one thinks its a bad color of pink. why pink? for the obvious reason that my blog is also all i have to do is get matching shoes. i already have all the other accessories. hopefully my mom will give me the cash tonite so that i can buy it tomorrow.

tonight, i'm just going to settle down in front of the tv and watch it nonstop. i hope there are some good programmes on. i'm still thinking of whether i'm gonna see dida n the gang tomorrow, but since i promised them, i might as well go. hopefully i'll get plastered this weekend and have a good time. its unbelievable that the next exam is on 29 april.

we are now entering the reproductive course, the course that gets everyone excited. me, i'm just eager to know more about the defects that can occur in this system. just today, for example, we learned about testes that can never descend, those that are strangulated, and those that are infected. the lecturer was going on and on about how she worked in a sperm lab and that she had to look at it everyday to check for defects. some had two heads, a super big head, no tail, or just a circly tail. and she said that she got so fed up about looking at it. for the very few times in my life, i can't think of a witty line for this. and the worst thing was that she said the seminal fluid was like a gel...or jelly. now in my mind is a picutre of a wobbling jelly, and i don't think i'll look at jelly as food anymore.

being in malaysia is special, as i learned also that different races have different names for that part of the male anatomy. i'm embarassed to say this, but i really don't know what the men in my race call it. sad huh?the commonly used words to describe it are batang, parrot's beak, tweetybird, and others.i expect myself to be working in the jungles of sarawak in the near future, and i'm already getting excited over the prospect of handling fun cases.