Saturday, December 11, 2004

christmas fruit cake

tsk tsk tsk... first of all i'd like to apologize to xiao (for the bad link) and yee pei ( for the unmade link). I dunno whylah Yp, but everytime i try to link you up something just seems wrong. i got your homepage correct tho. Nvm,i've just tried again today, so hopefully everything is all right. For all my other classmates out there who would like me to be linked to them, feel welcome to do so, as i haven't really seen all of your blogs.

my aim now is to really pass my exams. i couldn't study yesterday cos i kept thinking about my digital cam. yea, this sounds really stupid, but if i pass and go back home, i'm thinking of doing a virtual tour of kuching and posting it here. places of interest will include james brooke's astana, st joe's and st tri's school, the sunday market and my kampung. hopefully i'll be able to persuade my parents to go back to sri aman, so that i can take pics of my longhouse. its really an old skool longhouse, still made out of timber with atap roof incl. skulls in the doorway. i haven't been to the longhouse in 10 yrs, so i hope that can be in the works. not to mention the famous skrang river, where all the man eating crocs reside. ahh, i know its really dumb not to study, but sometimes when you're sitting at the study table your mind can't help but to wander off. lets hope my virtual tour of kuching really does come true!

i went out to midvalley today just to do some shopping, and ended up doing christmas shopping as well. i feel so sadlah, hearing all the christmas carols when my family is so far away. usually by next week the xmas tree in my home will be up. the one thing i was angry was that i bought this fruit cake for someone,thinking it would only cost me 9.90.The sticker said 9.90 what. When the cashier checked it, it actually cost 34.90. i seriously had a heart attack, cos i already wasted so much cash on other stuff. furthermore, i hate fruit cake. i'd rather have kiwi cake from secret recipe for xmas. oh well, if anyone wants some fruit cake, you know who to get it from.

this week is so hectic, with all the lab stuff. i admit dr. radha is really good, and she really has an extensive work profile. i respect pathologists now, cos without them, even specialists will be stumped. but my passion is not in pathology tho, i'm still interested in becoming a skin specialist. anyway,for once i managed to learn a lot during lab sessions and didn't feel so lost. dr radha and dr srikumar are really good at making complex things seem so simple. and i really thank god they are here, or else i'd still be blur during ospe.

christmas is in two weeks time...and i can't wait. i've decorated my room, got my christmas cd and am in the mood for christmas. not to mention having a christmas ringtone. of all the seasons, christmas is the bestest, cos that's when all those warm, glowy feelings come out. hehehe, i'm in a christmas mood now.

sharon's telling me: wah, why you write so long.hahaha, your stupid fruit cake! everytime i open the fridge and look at your fruit cake i feel like laughing.

i think i'll give her food poisoning by overfeeding her with that stupid fruit cake.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

guiness stout chicken

yo, i've just come back from kkb and i've noticed i've been using the word 'yo' pretty often. i wonder why. and it comes with the hand thingy. there are so many things i wanna write about, so i'm sorry if this edition seems like a jumble up.

first up, spm is over and my bro is relaxing. i feel kinda sad, cos when i go back to kch next yr, he'll be studying here, and then by 2006 he'll be in canada already. i cant' believe time flies so fast, and i honestly don't know how long it'll be till the next time i see him, cos he doesn't want to come back. since there are only two of us, i'll be kinda lonely here. time to ham it up with my friends. ok, for the sake of my kids i'll try to have minimum 3 and maximum 4 so that they won't be that lonely. now i know why parents in the yesteryears liked to have a lot of kids. muhibbah. hopefully in sem 4 i'll go to my aunt's house as often as i can. this sucks. he and my parents are coming on the 30th, and going back on the 5th. its like 1 day before exam finishes.

i've read tim's blog, and it was highly entertaining. its nice to read his blog, cos he doesn't take himself too seriously. exam is in 4 weeks time and i havent' even finished studying foundation 2, which i'm suppposed to finish studying by this sunday. i am soooo dead. my csu skills suck, and i got bombed by dr lim for taking a bad history. and a bad pe. anyways my patient has a subacute bacterial endocarditis, and she has this really nice murmur. and yeah, i had to clerk this 59 yr old male malay pt who was so gatal. yucks! he has two wives and 10 kids. geez, get a lifelah. you don't have to marry all the time. fortunately there were two other girls with me. i think dr nora is way way better than dr lim in teaching patients. i hate being competitive with other people. its so old skool. who the heck cares if i get a 4 or 5 from her. as long as i pass macha, that's good enough. not to mention having enough skills to avoid killing my future patients.

back to tim's blog, i never knew kch sold all those karma sutra like statues and figurines . i better check that out. maybe even buy some for fun. the last time i encountered those sort of figurines was in new york, and they were doing it full blow. reminds me that my dad has this collection of sexual japanese teacups. don't laugh, cos someday you never know when you might be acquiring one yourself. you gotta expose yourself to modern art.

back to kkb. i have never tasted chinese food as good as the one they have in restoran, its the bestest! guiness stout chicken , champagne pork ribs, kangkung belacan, apple tofu, and jelly cincau. rocks!! now if only i can cook guiness stout chicken too. the bestest chicken i've ever tasted. why cant' they just come to kl. i'd gladly pay more for that sort of food, rather than wasting my cash on food avenue. for the record, their chicken chop and fish fillets have shrunk. its as small as the size of my palm

i feel like getting a handphone camera. now that i see the wonders of it, i'm seriously thinking of getting one. only when i get back. no offense to all the other hp manufacturers, but nokia is the bomb. the bad thing is i have to take all my wallpapers away and download new ones again. come to think of it, maybe not. but oooh, the fun with camesra hps. the next best thing would be to acquire a digital cam. i have to go to dad for that.

wouldn't it be nice to have a small camera that will just fit in nicely into your pocket? anyways, my housemates in kkb were nice, and no one was bad towards me, cos i guess its just not meant to happen. anyways, thank god everything in kkb went nice, and they've levelled down the forest near the office. we saw little kids playing meriam buluh, and i really wonder why the parents never fear for their safety. godness, they were even walking around the edge of the cliff! what if they had fallen down, and its a sheer drop at that. ck, eleena and peter went to look for the waterfall, and eleena managed to get a lot of good landscape pictures. me, i'd like to have a picture for the surroundings around me. everything is interesting, if only we can appreciate it. i really want a camera.

i think sheena and ck make a lovely couple, and they seem to suit each other really well. the one thing i admire about sheena is that she has the talent to talk to everyone, and treat them as equals, so long as you don't piss her off lah. hey, we all should be appreciative of each others talents. On thursday night tensions were high cos nobody knows how to confront dr. lim over going back on friday. understandablelah, cos u never know if imu will just suddenly want to bar you from the exam.anyways, we finished what we were supposed to finish doing for saturday, and if they were to call me, that would be my reason. as long as its a valid reason, it should be ok.
i went back anyway cos there's nothing to be done on sat. anyway, kkb rawks! restoran 98, a waterfall at your backyard, chocolate and peanut waffles, homemade yummy icecream cones, cheap earrings and haircut, pasar malam and cheap stuff. not to mention that they sell the incredibles collectible stickers. i like edna mode and dash, tj likes violet. gayatri's cousin came to pick her up today and boy, was he handsome! not like some of the perasan guys i know who think they're hot stuff. personally, some of them just don't have a manly body.

btw, imax is now in town. i'm going there after exams. i will be watching kung fu hustle and national treasure with adeline and co. ciao! btw, pei yee has such a nice boyfriend. thanks to him, i'm writing this blog now. and yes, the peugeot is now my desired car. such a nice car