Monday, June 26, 2006

I passed!!

Its now 2pm and i'm really hungry. i've decided to semi fast in order to lose weight. i've gained 1kg, and i was only in the 1st week of family med. today we had a long cp at the outpatient clinic. i've realised that the older patients love to talk, including telling us about their complete life story. i'm wondering how i should interrupt them , because if not the session would just drag on.

Then yesterday, i got a pep talk from my mom, telling me about my weaknessess and so on. 1 thing she kept bringing up is the fact that i'm quiet and surly. You know, i'm really not sure if its true, but i don't think i'm THAT bad with my friends and acquaintances. maybe its just how i act around my family. Yes, it is a bad trait, and yes, i am going to try my best to improve myself. Then, she compared me to a cousin, who's really hyperactive and i felt really pissed off, cos hey, not everyone is born to be an energizer bunny. i have my good days and my bad days and i do smile at people (maybe not so much compared to others). or maybe i'm just in self denial.

so yesterday, i was feeling pretty depressed about myself (body image, pychosocial, crap) and i think that everyone has their own demons to solve. true, most of us are fortunate enough to have families, to be able to study, have enough for our basic needs, but there are still some things that we are not satisfied with ourselves. i was praying today and as i was praying, i realised that God does love each and everyone of us, no matter who we are, what we do or who we look like. There's something inside each and everyone of us that he loves. Usually i ignore god for the rest of the day, but in the mornings, its my time to have a 'one-on-one 'with him.

without God, i honestly would be lost and helpless in this world. And i think that no matter what religion one practices it is still God.

Okay, Superman aka Spandex is coming to theatres this week. i am not going to watch it because i'm not a fan (not even the cartoon series). However, i have been reading naruto like mad. i have just finished manga number 262, and the lastest edition is number 313. so, i have 51 episodes to go. Can i finish it by this week? You betcha!!

A thief broke into my house last sunday. he didnt physically enter the house, but he forcefully opened one of the dining room windows. Only a digital cam was stolen,but the weird thing was, he also fished out my dad's jacket and shirt, and then carefully folded it and put it on the patio table. He also didn't take any of the expensive pens in my dad's jacket. Then, he stole one of my dad's sandals, and he also stole a neighbour's shirt. What a 'polite thief'. i told my grandma that if i was there, i'd probably slap the fella, but my gran told me i'd probably be scared shitless instead. True, i would be, but if rage overcomes fear anything can happen.
i hate people who steal from other people. God tells us to forgive others, but forgiveness is not on my mind right now.

Monday, June 19, 2006

i'm back

After a one week break, i do feel great...until my family med session this morning. A lot of classmates tell me that its relaxed, but i dont' think soooo. the days are fully packed, but there are less reports to write. and everything is so broad. its like we're learning a bit of every posting for semester 6 and seven.

i have been watching a whole lot of tv, and i finished naruto episodes 71-100 in 3 days. i love that anime. I wish i had superpowers too. maybe i'll summon a bat or a chicken. movie wise, i saw 16 blocks, quite average. i thought of watching tokyo drift, but my better sense prevailed against it. it got really bad ratings from the newspapers. superman? i'm gonna give it a go as well, i'v never been a big fan of the comic series. i guess i'm just gonna hafta wait for pirates 2. I also finished reading jeffrey deaver's latest novel, the 12th card. next up for me will be stephen king's the Cell.