Friday, February 04, 2005


just thought i'd like to share this

human toes are divided into 3 categories:

greek toes : second toe is the biggest

egyptian toes: big toe is the biggest

square toes: all toes of equal length

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its been a long time since i've wrote anything here, not because i don't want to, but because there's nothing much going on in my ordinary life.

i've seen the movie about lemony snicket's book,and its really nice, in that they've maintained all the sadness and depression of the book. the baudelaire orphans are truly sad, and i've only got the latest book to read. my favourite character is sunny, cos in the movie she's so cute. at first i poohed at reading the books, cos i'm too old to read them, but now i'm hooked on them. so yes, after my resit i'm going to go for the 11th series.

i'm now waiting for the movie constantine to come out, primarily because keanu reeves is in it, and because movies nowadays are so boring. tho i think million dollar baby will be a good watch. who do i want to win the oscars? not sure, cos i haven't seen most of the movies there. i think i'll watch it to see who's wearing what.

My resit classes have just finished on wednesday. so far, so good. all the lecturers are making a concerted effort to make sure we pass. even francis achike was in a good mood. the funny thing was mak joon wah. he was so exasperated that we couldnt' awnser his parasite questions. i will admit it wasn't a problem for me, but can you imagine him scolding us for not remembering all the eggs etc? i think the same types of parasites will come out again, only differenet pics this time.

the first week when i came back here, everyone in resit was depressed except me. understandable, of course, but its because i went back home for a week, that' pushed my spirits up. my dad was annoyed with me, when i told him i panicked during my saq, and i guessed i shouldn't have, but now it should be ok. its funny kl doesn't have belacan beehoon, cos i'm craving it now. i met all my relatives , ate everything i wanted to eat, and got my dose of csi. its sad that my great grandma doesn't recognise me cos she's got alzheimer's now. when she's good, she's good. when she doesn't take her medication...

my mom just moved in to b2 this week, and me as the loyal daughter had to help her to move. she has 38 small boxes, 4 suitcases and just try to imagine a fully loaded proton wira with me having to carry all that stuff. our place is really nice, cos the owner made a lot of adjustments. the best is the tv, cos i didn't have one before, and i'm gonna have astro. which means more csi....

today most of us are gonna go to the mms cos dr reddy's giving us a tour. our batch is really lucky cos the lecturers are really good to us. the sem 5 have it bad, cos i heard their final is in june, when usually it will be in july or august. it seems they encounter bad luck again.

till my next long winded stories. Happy chinese new year!