Thursday, February 28, 2008

i'm moving to batu pahat

geez, its been months since i've last updated about myself. what was i doing? the usual, sticking my butt on a chair and slogging to just pass the exams. along the way,i found out that my hair has been steadily (and happily) dropping off since semester 9 started. it looks like i have less hair at the front now. i so don't want to be botak and boyfriendless at a young age. HELP!! seems i wasn't the only one who was steadily balding during semester 9, a lot of other students were also haveing their own hair loss. yep, that's how stressed out we all were. i kept complaining to my mum, and when i went back to kl last week, she gave me some hair serum. i have to put 5 or 6 sprays twice a day and gently massage my scalp. yeah, i hope it works, or else i dunno what i'm gonna do. NO hair transplants for me though, after remembering the xxx joke one of the lecturers made about hair transplants.

so, how was semester 9 exams? tough, freaking tough. it was two weeks of pure torture. osce's was the hardest as usual because of the building anxiety and the unknown questions that faced us. for those who r kepochi, here's a breakdown of the questions they asked us:

Modified essay questions:

Hiv, TB, congenital heart disease, bleeding in early pregnancy, sterilisation btl, obstructive jaundice, panic disorder, a bloody hard orthopedics question and ethical issues. it was do-able, but we have a specific time to awnser each set of papers. its like if you dunno about something, habislah. but luckily most were what the lecturers taught during the daily ward rounds. And who knew ortho could be such a killer?


hepatocellular ca, steven johnsons, ecg hyperkalemia, herpes simplex and herpes zoster, biliary atresia, oesophageal atresia, sigmoid volvulus, adult polycystic kidney, pancreatic cyst, opiates, depression and suicide, endometriotic cyst, ovarian cancer, ebm, corneal ulcer and broken nasal bridge. there r 2 more questions that i can't remember.

short osce's:

atrial fib and prosthetic heart valves, counselling febrile fits, palpation breast ca and staging, examination shoulder supraspinatus tendinitis, ankle brachial index measurement, deviated nasal septum, cushing syndrome, counseling infertility in male, ethical issues on post stroke patient, funduscopy diabetic retinopathy

long osce's

alcohol risk takers, oespoageal ca history taking,cardiac disease in pregnancy and palpation of abdomen, thalassemia, peripheral neuropathy and mental state examination for dementia.

WITH MANAGEMENT which i currently suck at. i actually slept at one of the rest stations during the long osces. and after the exam, i straightaway went to mcd's to drown my sorrow in fried chicken and ice cream.

After this exam, i now understand why medicine is the hardest thing to study. i don't feel it during bj times. cmón, we study only 2 hours a day, the rest of the time we either play or study aimlessly on our own. and if we study last minute we still can pass. when i come to clinical school,its a whole different ball game. and the hardest year is the final year. whenever i come back to vista and see all those youngsters in bj looking happy cos they got to enter medical school, i feel like grinning. Just imagine how inexperienced we all were during that time. i personally felt like medicine was no big deal to pass. well now, i take back my words. and if anyone tells me imu students are not good enough compared to those in public unis, i kindly ask them to take the exams i just took and c whether its that easy to pass. Just because its private doesn't mean i don't work hard. sometimes i wish people's attitude would change towards private med students. Majority of us are the same as any other med students anywhere. its those lecturers who are working in public unis that are the hardest to please, they always think private med students r crap and don't deserve to study medicine. well, not all but a some of them think so.

so today i went back to imu for a while to look at some cfcs reports, said bye to a few lecturers and began to clean up my room. fyi, i wanted to show the 4 important posters that i hang on my bedroom wall, namely a pic of McSteamy (yum), spiderman and 2 pics of johnny depp. man, is he hot. i just wished he would shave off his beard. currently 80% of my things are packed, the rest are just waiting to be dumped in empty and available spaces of my bag. i got 6 months left and i just can't wait to pass.

have to passlah, actually. i'm getting older, my parents are gonna retire soon, and i'm pretty sick of studying myself. i've been studying for the last 20 or more years of my life and i really need a break (also to lose weight and regrow my hair). I heard in batu pahat the nasi briyani is really good, and there's actually a CINEMA there. not bad eh, considering i'm going to spend 5 months there. then i have to shift back to seremban to prepare for the exit viva. gosh, i am pretty excited to finish studying. can't wait to start working and earn some cash, no matter how crappy my life as a junior doc will be. just want to think about getting that cash first....

i've watched vantage point last week. its actually an ok movie, except that it keeps rewinding the events as its name suggests. that got a lot of people irritated (cos they didnt read the synopsis of the movie first). i also went on a shopping spree, where i bought my second pair of crocs. No, not bragging, just that its ironic i told a friend a year ago i would never ever own a croc cos its just downright ugly. i bought the mary jane versions, and they look more pleasing to the eye. the first pair is currently being used for OT sessions. i also bought books by robin cook and a book about my hunky agent pendergast. speaking of which,i have also seen what kenlin sees in anderson cooper. that man can just charm a bear if he wants to. sadly, i think he's g**. shame, isn't it?

oooh...and did anyone see javier bardem and mcdreamy at the oscars? HOT, way hotter than george clooney. for the life of me i can't see what women see in george. suave, yes, but he doesn't make my heart beat :) and petra nemcova's going out with sean penn. errr, i don't approve of this couple, its just icky.

gosh i'm so sleepy. gnite. blog when i'm in batu pahat.