Monday, May 29, 2006

ironing weekend

First of all, congratulations to all those docs who just graduated from imu and also to my batch during last saturday's convocation ceremony. i personally did not go, cos i've already had one a long time ago. if i were to go, i would have had attended 3 graduations by the time i'm 30!! At the graduation Dr francis achike, dr thani and dr jpj attended. i heard that dr thani took pictures for everyone and that later our whole batch took a picture together. Really nice...

i spent my whole saturday ironing my mother's work clothes, she didn't iron for a whole two weeks. i can safely say that i ironed around 20 pieces of clothing. Fortunately for me, there was some reward in the end. I got my first piece of silk accessory from her during her trip to china. its a blanket and its really beautiful. Did you know that if you sleep with a silk pillowcase your hair will be less damaged? i just found that out while reading june's cleo.

I went to watch x-men on saturday too. the movie was okay, but there was very little screen time for Angel. Jean Grey and Mystique's character are the best. i feel like watching xmen 1 and 2 . Watching the movie almost made me feel that i should have superpowers too. i'm undecided on what superpowers i should have

in 2 weeks time i'll be finishing my internal med posting and having a one week holiday. my aunt and family will be coming here, so i plan to do some serious shopping and visiting aquaria klcc. I love fish. I love starfish even more! Just joking... but i do remember touching a starfish when i was young, and it felt pretty good. I also plan to watch lots of anime shows and read up on as much manga as i can.

I'm supposed to have a quiz today, and thank god its postponed. i would have died on the spot if the lecturer were to do a spot quiz.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Labour DAy!

i had a nice 3 day holiday during the weekend; i went back to bj to spend some time with my mom. this week on national geo they're having Bible week, and i sure wish i had astro at seremban. i am interested about the one on armageddon. death and destruction have been my staple ever since Hollywood decided to brainwash the world with its movies.

i will not deny that the gospel of judas exists, however, i do not have to believe it wholeheartedly either. and i do plan to see the da vinci code in cinema. i think its wise to see other aspects of ones religions, as it will help me to understand what people view my religion as, and how i can better help them to understand it.

anyway, im' having quite some fun in int med. i don't deny it drives me crazy, but the cases i see are akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle. and its different from surgery where you gotta think of so many things, and try to exclude them one by one. i've forgotten a lot of things during bj, so there's a lot of reading to do.

still, i can't wait for family med to start!!

and yeah, i just did my first blood sample last friday. it wasnt' as scary as it turned out to be.

am reading jrr tolkien's the hobbit during my spare time. and eating a lot in seremban while i'm at it. maybe its all the stress....

and yes, to all my friends who are in pms/ are going soon, i do miss you guys a LOT.