Tuesday, June 15, 2004


i have diarrhoea just about now. i'm still trying to figure out what i ate wrong. was it the milk?or last nite's dinner? i played futsal yesterday, but i wasn't in the first team,i feel sad cos they're mostly the good players. kinda tiring yesterday, and i really sweated out a lot. was bloated on water, and had some noodles.

i think i'm kinda good in defending, but i'm not sure. there are alot of other players, and all of us are good. sigh. i hope i can play for the imu cup though.

chronicles of riddick is coming out this thursday. i'm still thinking of whether i want to watch it or not. i have so little cash with me.

i talked to benedict last nite until 2am. talked about world politics, imu and my relationship problem. u know why i never have a boyfriend? it takes too much energy to figure out things and to make things work. i've got more serious problems than that.

exam is just two weeks away and i'm freakin away. i have so many things to touch, and i'd better knock off my sports for a while. don't wanna fail again. there's a lot to learn about pathology tho. its all one confused disease. france beat england. i'll suspect they'll be in the finals. i missed italy playing last nite. but sweden has jon dahl guy

Sunday, June 13, 2004

what a day

i finally got to woke up late today. well, it was a case of me being scared of the monsters at night. i dunno why i'm still afraid of the dark. its just that my imagination gets really wild.

nothing spectacular in the news today, except that i am disgusted by the pictures of iraqis being tortured. it just violates human nature. ronald reagen was finally laid to rest yesterday.

i'm thinking about the noritta samsudin case. i've decided not to judge anyone, but i just feel sad that her life has been publisiced so much by the press. i think what she does with her own life is private, and yes, there are always two sides to a story.

on another front, i met my aunt and uncle this morning. i can't believe my cousins have all grown up. jasmine is going to enter uni tmr. and boy, am i proud of her. candi and jotik's daughter are also gonna study in upm, and they're taking the same course. looks like i have more ppl. to go out with now. yaay

hmm, yesterday matt smsed me, complaining about his mum bombing him. hey, even my mum talks behind my back. i can't believe she's worried about me being single. i'm not that hot about marriage now anyway. i think i'm being too choosy, but i can't help it. that's why i keep rejecting guys. i figure, what's the point of me dating them, if i don't really like them, and then breaking their hearts? i just can't do that. like christ said, love everyone as if they are your neighbours.

well, i don't have to tell my mom who i date, anyway. its as if i have to be proud that i have a bf. nah...if only i lived in new york,where everyone don't give a damn about anyone else.

i think i should live overseas when i start working. more freedom. of course, i'll miss all the local food.

today its jogging again for me. my friends want to bring me to kfc, but i have to decline. its too fattening. and i am trying my very best to lose some weight. ah, life!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

movie day

hah! i went jogging yesterday, and i feel so unfit. its barely 3 rounds around the park and i feel dead. i slowed my pace, tho, and looky-looky, i managed another round. then i did some crunches to try to flatten my tummy.

took some 100 plus after i went bac,then went out to carrefour where i gorged on mcd's chicken n fries. shouldn't have done that tho, cos this morning i'm seriously bloated :(

tried to study last nite but i was so tired. my roomie came back at 4 after clubbing, and that woke me up. today i couldn't wake up late. i had to go for 1st aid class.i just realised some guys in my class don't look too bad.

tonite, i'm watching harry potter, can't wait to be in the cinema. the next one: chronicles of riddick. cool movie.

can you believe my futsal jersey costs a bomb? the whole outfit costs around 80 bucks, and i hope my mom will pay for it. but i love playing , especially the part of defender. aargh! i gotta exercise, ever since i came to imu, i've been sitting down on my butt every day.

shit!! i found out that i'm not watching a movie tonite. something happened. nah, i'll watch some dvd's . went to my aunt's house to collect my pencilbox. they all thought i was crazy, going all the way there for something stupid like that. but when you're attached to something, wouldn't you do all sorts of things to reunite with it?

ahh, euro 2004 is starting tonite. i feel like watching the match between spain and russia. cute guys alert!

Friday, June 11, 2004


hmm, today looks set to be a good day for me. i managed to get enough sleep, and i've just finished doing pbl. yesterday was crap,coz i spent most of my time in a daze. today, huh, hafta studylah, cos tmr is a full day, and im gonna c harry potter. the only reason i want to c it is cos it promises to be darker. nvm that i haven't seen the first 2 harry p's.