Friday, May 25, 2007

Yo-ho yo-ho, a pirates life i lead

hehehehhe....i'm gonna watch witty Jack this saturday. Damn! Its the last of the trilogy. Kudos to johnny depp for making pirates look sexy and cool. Now if only they brushed their teeth....My poor dad had to line up last saturday to buy the tickets. if i were to buy it today, chances are i'm gonna sit in the front row again and sprain another ankle. i'm sad to report that iwon't be going to the rainforest music festival because all the tickets have been sold out, and my parents can't make it. Sob.

I'm finished my two weeks posting at the emergency department. my first week was interesting. i was on the morning shift, and on the first day itself i got to do cpr on a patient. Unfortunately he didn't make it through. another interesting case was when a patient was involved in a motor vehicle accident and fractured his mid femur and tibia and fibula. it was graded Gustillo type 3c, yang paling teruklah. the poor man had to be referred to UMMC, where he'll be undergoing a vascular graft. Otherwise, most of the cases are asthma, chest pain, trauma, but no poisoning.

I've been playing a lot of online games, one of them is Neopets. Its an online virtual pet thingy, and i'm sadly addicted to it. Since i don't have tv, i dunno what to do in my spare time. There is youtube, but it takes so long to upload. My current favourite is the Simpson's clips. Gotta love that crazy family!

Ill be back to sarawak in july and august, doing my selectives and electives. its scary because i'm the only one there. my grand plan is to deliver as many babies as i can in a two week period. I'm also actually thinking of working part time or voluntarily at a pet shop, doing grooming for dogs or cats. I like animals, and until i start working, i can't own one. My entire family have vowed to wash their hands of my future pet (probably a cute little sausage dog) because they don't like handling pet shit. Its enough for them that stray cats keep dropping their dung on my front yard.

I also wanted to write about our crackpot local politicians and the way they just let loose in parliament, until this morning when i read an article in the NST about jokers. The writer was saying that we can make jokes, but of course at the appropriate time-lah. He was saying that if were to make gay jokes in the US, we'd be labelled a homophobic. Anyone seen Russell Peters? i watched his skit once, courtesy of a friend, and that guy makes fun of EVERYONE, but no one cares because its harmless. At the end of the day, those funny traits are what makes each of our cultures unique. So i shall clamp my mouth and try to be a bit less rigid. Those of you who want to know what our zany politicians have been up to can read the Star or NST online. And it seems our government buildings have been breaking down, one way or another. Just yesterday, the new court building in Jalan Duta was swamped with water up to 7 cm , from a burst pipe. How can wan.... the building is brand new man, just opened a few months ago. But knowing that this is Malaysia, it willl be swept underneath the carpet by next week.

Paris Hilton is going to jail soon, and she's been spotted toting a couple of holy books with her, ranging from the Bible, to self-help books to buddhism. I hope she goes to jail longer. Yeah yeah, i memang suka gossip kan? But i don't care. Anyone wants to label the world's number one gossip, go ahead. Its been in my body system ever since i was in st tri, and those were the best years of my life :)

Elliot Yamin of last year's American Idol has just released his album, and i like on e of the singles. Lets see if i can find it on youtube:

Its called 'wait for you'. I was hooked on him when i heard him sing Moody's Mood for love. His voice is so rich.

oklah,i gotta go back to kay-el soon.

Sunday, May 06, 2007



Venom in the comics is more vile that the one in the movie. I watched it last week, and thanks to dear ol' dad, we managed to get tickets. The cinemas were full on the opening day itself, and we sat in the front row. Luckily they modified the seats, so we didn't have to strain our necks. I was very unfortunate that i sprained my ankle on the way to my seat. I was happily going down the stairs holding my popcorn and coke, when the theatre went dim suddenly, and i lost my footing. And i was wearing heels. The pain!! Luckily i bought coke, so i had to put the cold cup over my foot for the first 10 minutes of the movie. My verdict? I liked the movie, no matter what the critics say. It was very entertaining, and i loved Sandman. I'm a bit sad that Venom wasn't nasty enough. And Harry Osbourne.........mmmhmmmmmm.....My dad is watching the movie twice, cos my grandma and brother didn't watch it yet. Thank you May for having great movies. I am going to watch Pirates 3 and Shrek 3, even if i have to starve for a week.
I'm doing my minor posting now, starting with ophthalmology. I have No intention of being an eye specialist. I saw a cataract removal surgery being done last week, and it made me feel squishy. Imagine its your eyes under the bright lights of the OT, and the drs are doing an incision at your cornea, then taking away your lens by vacuuming it and cutting it up to pieces. Yikes, give me plain ol'surgery any day. There's a lot of things to read for opthalmo, and i'm strapped to my chair most of the time. My posting's only 2 weeks, and i gotta cram a book with 400 pages into two weeks. sigh.
My brother is enjoying his holiday in kuching right now. wish i could do the same. Its funny that i miss him a lot more than i did last time. We were honestly cats and dogs. We even punched each other when we were young kids. A 6 age gap between us did not make us as close as other sibling would. But growing up brings maturity, and even though he's still the youngest, i guess our relationship is getting better. We still love to irritate each other though. Some things will never change.
Mother's day is next weekend, and i'm not sure what to get for my mother. I thought of getting body shop stuff, but my brother said it was too boring. He plans to get a book for her. Maybe we'll just share it. I can't wait to start working. I can't wait to finish studying, for once. Just a break for a few years before i start studying again. Seremban is being bloody hot. I couldn't sleep last night because my room was like an oven, and i was getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole night. Why did i have to be born in a country near the Equator? I know i was supposed to go out with dida last week. Sorry girl, i didn't know that i didn't have a holiday instead. I looked at the old schedule.
And to all my old classmates and schoolmates, is there anyone out there that truly feels happy being single? I feel weird because i don't have the desire to look for a boyfriend, much less the desire to get married. I was thinking about it one day, and if i really couldn't find anyone, i would be happy to stay solo, live in an upmarket condo, and just have pets for company. my mom says its because i haven't found someone i really liked. It could be, but nowadays, whenever i see couples hanging out together, it doesn't make me feel like i miss anything in my life. Last time i used to wonder why i couldn't get a guy. it was either me being too picky, not socialising enough, or me not being attractive. Now, i don't really give a damn. I just take life as it comes.
World Music Rainforest......i'm finally going to be able to watch it this year now that i'll be in kuching in august. it would be nice to relax in damai and enjoy the atmosphere. Anyone else planning to go there?

here is lilly allen with her infectious song 'smile'. I love her slang!

And, because the bush administration is coming to an end, this is the second tribute i have for g. bush: