Sunday, November 26, 2006

the holiday season is here!

aloha, aloha! after a long hiatus i'm back again. just came back from kl after a month of torture. I had 3 exams 2 weeks ago, and 1 of them was a total killer! needless to say, i will most probably fail that paper,and hopefully that will be the only time i fail. next week will be my second week of psychiatry posting. the first time i went to the ward, i was scared shit of the patients, but now i'm getting used to it. The patients i've interviewed can get as normal as you and me, but with some issues. There are some really sad stories as to how some of them got there. One was this patient who had to take care of her mother, and the mother beat her up everyday to the point that she can't talk till today. Sad, isn't it? and there are a lot of terms in psychiatry. its also not that relaxing as i thought it was.

all my cousins are in kl now for the school holidays, and guess what...i am fatter than all of them!!my mum is horrified that i am not thin, but actually i can't care less. As much as i hate my boobs sometimes, i gotta admit it is nice to have some curves. I don't mind my thighs getting smaller though...and i am sad to report that one of my girl cousins is dressing up like an ah L***. sad, sad. She has a good figure, but still can't match her clothes properly yet. Hopefully she'll learn in time.Why does everyone have to be thinner than me?

This weekend was one of my best, all my family members were in town, and i got some new stuff. My bro got an ipod nano (?), the one that can play videos, tv and store photo albums from my dad. I'm so jealous! His things always seem to be better than mine. Mum just got a new honda accord. its not bad, the interior is very comfortable, and the ride is smooth, espcially when it comes to bumps. I still want a mercedes c-compressor as a ride. its just so sexy!

the family went to watch james bond at midvalley. i wasn't so enthusiastic , cos bond movies always have the stupid sexy women and the MAN that saves the world theme. but i do have to agree that it is the best bond movie in a long time, because it wasn't so slutty, there was actually good acting and because daniel craig's body is the hottest i've ever seen. I don't mind seeing him in the next bond movie actually. He's a good actor. Sigh...i want a guy with a body like that

The xmas season is coming and all the shops are busy putting up decorations. since xmas and my special day is coming up, i've thought of a few things that i might want:

1. Another swatch chrono
2. Branded sunglasses
3. A new Nokia handphone
4. Lesportsac handbag
5. Another perfume?

out of all the above, i most probably will ask for the handbag and sunglasses. Sadly, i wont be in kuching for the hols because i need to prepare for my exams. Sometimes i do think its fun to be a girl, because girls have so much fun shopping for stuff and dressing up to go out. I feel like getting myself a dress to, if my mum says yes. i haven't worn a dress since 2 years ago.

ON another note, yes, i am a spoiled girl, and my parents do spoil me and my brother terribly. They do pamper us alot, but i am grateful that i have parents who love me alot. Without them,i dont' think i would be the person i am today :) and its sad that i do take them for granted most of the time.