Sunday, October 17, 2004

passion of christ

hmm, i just finished reading elena's blog. damn funny la. i also did a quiz about my personality for my month. hmm, quite true also.

today is emotionally draining for me. i went to see the movie, and i finished my packet of tissue. the aura of the movie is not here now, but whatever i saw only enhances my understanding of christ dying, and why i appreciate so much of his love for all of us, and the greatness that only God can have that he is willing to sacrifice his only son for all of us. everytime i see mother mary looking at her son, my heart breaks because of what she has to endure and what she knows must be done. but when i come to think of it, i know why christ does not hate all the high priests. imagine that you were living in that century and you have such small brains/limited knowledge and one so great as the son of god comes and does all those things, you would feel out of breath yourself. and i liked the part where the devil came in, it shows that during the most harrowing time of his life, he could have just given up, used whatever powers he had, and just stopped the whole thing. but he didn't he knew what he had to do, even if it meant being skewered to death. i cried when they started beating him up, and when they nailed his hands and feet. i dunno, its just too much for me to bear. and yes, i cried when i looked at mother mary looking at him.
and i did get a better understanding of judas iscariot. all the while i used to think of him as a selfish, ugly man, but through this movie, i understand, and pity him all the more. and i have now the greatest respect for all the 12 disciples, especially peter, who was crucified upside down for being with christ. i think after this i will have a deeper meaning of the bible as well as a greater awareness of god.

okay, back to the lighter stuff. i am gaining weight, and i cant manage to jog yet, but i have to go the gym one day, if not i'll be fat!!! the onion rings today are nice, i have a fetish for them. and i still think that mcd's burgers are the best. 1 utama rocks, and i have to go back for some serious shopping one day. the sandals they sell there are so neat. and yes, time to buy new trainers too. the cheerleader lost 4kg, and that's nice. what is the point of having imu cup when the only desire is to win and create tension and hatred among other batches? that's the question everyone should have on their minds.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

we won

im quite fedup of my housemates internet connection. i just wrote , and i couldn't pulblish what i wrote. so here i am writing again.

yes, we got second place for the netball team, beating all the teams that have been practising hard, while the only training we got was 15 minutes last wednesday, during which i unfortunately sprained my ankle, making me unable to play yesterday.

all the players were good, and its amazing to see them play. sem 5 as usual were unbeatable, but hey, we can be champions next year. i will also be buying ankle guards to protect my ankle from spraining again. what a bummer.

i have a gut feeling our batch will be second overall this year, whith us winning or being in second or third placing. i do hope track and field will be in next year, cos i'm hoping to join all the sprints. have to buck up my stamina. for that matter i'm glad gi is not so heavy, cos its mostly repetition of sem 1. my mum has been telling me to study a lot , and i just found out that my bro is gungho about going to canada. i'm going to miss him, he's just funny, and i'm gonna be so alone at home. and i can't call anyone a stupid idiot anymore.

my stupid ankle is still sprained, so i can't wear any high heeled shoes. what a bummer, that means i have to wear skirts more often now. i hope it goes away by the end of this week.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


weeell, since i haven't been updating myself on my misery, here's more action from last week. haemato was bad. i think im gonna be a borderline fail again. why is it taht i just can't awnser thani's questions?? study and study but still cannot awnser his questions. sucky, and his q's are gonna come out for the finals. and i haven't started revising for my finals,and i'm feeling so relaxed right now, which is bad.
i twisted/sprained my ankle, and i am hoping that everyting will be okay by sunday. i also want to win, as least getting 3rd placing . i would be so embarassed if semester 1 beats us.
as for the track and field, my batch was last/second last. how embarassing. my 400m got last, and its quited dissapointing cos i thought we could do better than that. hmm.... prof m didnt' finish his race, and is now the subject of ridicule of the guys. i also dunno whether to laugh or to cry at him. the best he could do was to just finish the race, even though he is last. i really admire grace for that matter. heck, even grace can do better than him, and she got the support of the whole stadium.
i really hope we can scrap the track and field event next year, or if we don't scrape it, i'll run for the sprinting events. i found out that i'm still quite fast. pass my semester 3 first, then train like hell.
yesterday i had csu with htin aung. he's good,but he's just too long. and i hope i can do well for my gi csu. have to prod and poke everywhere.
gi has boring lecturers. if only they made the lecture fun, then everybody would benefit.