Monday, November 10, 2008


Its been confirmed...i will go for my induction on 17th nov. after that it'll be btn for one week, and i think i should start work on 8th december. What's more interesting is that the letter saying i need to go for induction will only arrive 2 days after this post is up. i also have to pay my own airline ticket to kl. What to do, gov is broke alredi. Of course its unfair i have to pay the ticket. even low cost airline also not so cheap once you buy late. And how to buy early cos the ppl doing induction can't really confirm the date?
I checked both the websites, and check this out....i have to get white long sleeve shirts for induction, and i need to wear long sleeve shirt when i exercise. the attire is appropriate for muslims, but can i just stick to above elbow shirts? my arms are short so there's nothing much to admire. ANother thing i'm dreading is that there is an endurance test and fitness run for btn. I HATE jogging, even though i know its good for me. i think i am going to die during the final week.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


In about 2 weeks time, i am going to go for my government induction. The course is about 3 weeks and will be held at a soon to be known location (they haven't sent the letter yet). the function of this course is to teach us how to become responsible government servants. this includes lectures until midnight, and some crap like jungle trekking, or team building. my sentiments about the induction is as the current title. but i do have to pass it before i can start work. the only good thing is that i can see my good friends. honestly, i wished they would just tell us instead about the important things, and skip out things which we already know, like work ethics. its one thing to know, its another thing to do it. and most people don't do what they preach.
I've also had to look at my books again in anticipation or working. Its scary to think of doing morning rounds, getting grilled by the specialists in front of everyone and getting scolded for a lot of things. I love my (future) job, and i wouldn't want to do anything else in the world. Unfortunately, that involves me getting a very thick skin.
I've also been doing a lot of house cleaning this week, and i'm glad my house isn't such a mess anymore. I've also been doing lots of driving. To my dismay, i find that kuching drivers are just as bad as kl drivers. the only difference is that we are more patient, and we rarely blare the horn. Take yesterday, for example. i was in the slow lane behind a proton saga car, and we were on the way uphill to sarawak club. That car suddenly stopped at the turning to the club, without any signal. A motorcyle nearly rammed behind the car. it stopped there for 30 seconds, and i didn't know what the driver was thinking. There were lots of cars behind me. Finally the idiotic driver turned into the club. If i were bitchy i would've just blasted the car horn at the driver. but being a slow and patient kuchingite, i decided to let it go. i turn into the right lane as i was too close to the car, and i was unable to reverse back. That's the worst scenario i faced. Kuchingites love to show their signals at the VERY last minute they're about to turn into a lane. Like one of my friends commented "They are really stingy with signals". Another time i came back from my aunt's house in Semariang, and i was on the left lane. i had to suddenly brake because just ahead of me there was a group of men arguing and i saw a motorcycle that looked completely destroyed. My dad commented that it could have started from an accident...with both parties calling their friends for help, and escalating into a huge row. I am afraid of motorcyclists, especially if they are males, so i let them go first at the traffic light. Sometimes, the drivers here are so bad, you literally feel like bashing their heads with the car lock. Like yesterday, the number of cars i spotted which were illegally on the wrong lane were about 5. That's a lot of a town like this.
I've seen the movie Tropic Thunder, and it was so-so for me. I liked Robert Downey Jr's role, he was quite funny. I can't wait for the bond movie to show on the big screen. I am avoiding Max Payne, because the movie reviews were just so bad.

There's 1 song i like by our local artist Melissa Indot. Its called starlight, and its such a joy to listen to this song on a sunny morning:

this second song is called chantek, by altimate. pretty sweet song.
I like the song Selalu Denganmu, originally performed by Tompi. it has also been sang by Atilia (whom i really like). I love jazz, and i've tried finding for Atilia's album in kuching, but no success yet. i wanted to load the videos from youtube to this post, but for some reason there's always a problem when i cut and paste the code. so you guys have to go there yourself la...