Saturday, August 16, 2008

its all about phelps

so its been one week into the olympics, and i am totally hooked on the games. i find handball, track n field, swimming and gymnastics to be totally addictive. i am also glad that chong wei made it to the finals for our country. its gonna be hard for him to beat li dan (?) but if he does, i salute him. i watched table tennis yesterday and it was a good game between korea and singapore. if i'm not mistaken the lions won.
Other highlights:
1. bball between china and usa
2. womens all round finals gymnastics
3. handball

And as usual, whenever swimming is on any of the olympic channels i have to watch. with a guy like phelps, i can't help it:

second to phelps in the hotness category is his teammate ryan lochte.

I also managed to see women's diving, and was really impressed with the chinese duo. our malaysian team managed 21st place overall, but its a shame we counldn't get through to the finals. Whatever it is, i'm hoping phelps gets his wish come true :)

My graduation is next week, and i've picked out the outfit to wear. I haven't bought the heels yet. i really want to go to isetan klcc, but my mum is just too busy cleaning up the office. i so love esprits new fashion range. i have given up wearing levi's jeans, though. their jeans seems to be smaller and smaller. its for girls who dont have hips :( i'm now converting to the padini and marks and spencer brand as its more comfortable. I also have to sort out the books that i plan to ship back to kuching. and i havent met up with any of my old school friends yet. i feel so guilty.

i have watched star wars: attack of the clone wars. its 3/5, its okay, but not much in the story line. to be honest, i;m just waiting for KOTOR the game series to come up with a new one, but they haven't done yet. i plan to watch death race starring jason statham next week. the plan is to enjoy myself to death before i start working, hehe. AND, i'm still in negotiations with my parents as to what car i will drive once i work.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Since the olympics started, i have been vegetating in front of the telly almost everyday. The opening ceremony was fantastic, but i slept throughout the procession. so boring.
I watched michael phelps blazed his way through the 400m medley. i so hope he gets his wish to get 8 gold medals. I also enjoyed the us vs china basketball game. Poor china was outclassed by the us. Those guys shoot perfect 3 pointers (thus getting past yao ming) and were too fast for the china players. still, i hope the finals would be between these two countries again.
I saw weightlifting today, where a 17 year old china boy created a world junior record (he was pretty cute too). Malaysia finished 9th. And last i heard, our archery team failed to win a medal.
I dont' get it. if countries like vietnam, thailand and indonesia can get medals during the olympics and not just from badminton, why can't we? i find it so frustrating to watch a malaysian athlete perform, waiting with anticipation that he/she might do well. instead, they are always at the middle or last of the standings. I wonder what's wrong with our sports system. the only thing we can always count on are badminton. I mean, there are countries that are poorer than us and they don't even have good training facilities, yet they can perform well. I find this so embarassing.

A chapter of my life has ended has been a month since i've blogged. i've finally passed the final exams and my graduation will be on august 23rd. its been an interesting 5 years for me. THis was the hardest of all the exams i had faced. I had to finish typing portfolios a week before the finals.. i had to move out of my rented house and bunk in my friends house for a week, and i had to study EVERYTHING in a short span of one week. it was just study, study and reading nonstop from morning til night. There were times when i just wanted to go and sleep at 10pm. But the thought of not reading a lot of stuff kept me going through.
We had to go back to seremban a day before the exam. On the way, my friend's car broke down along the highway. It was towed to the nearest toll plaza. We had to wait in the hot sun for two hours for her parents. And we tried to study a bit during those 2 hours. Believe me, i was cursing the heavens for all the bad luck i've encountered during my stay in BP. And to top it all off, there was bird shit that landed on my beloved oxford handbook while i was reaing, on the lung cancer page. I only felt slightly better after someone told me bird shit was considered to bring luck.
we set out from bp at 10am and arrived in seremban at 5pm. I took a break for an hour, then had to squeeze whatever info i x have into my mentally exhausted brain. i didn't even have time to read most of my portfolios. In the exam room, i had a case of AECOAD....which was my portfolio case...which i discussed rather deeply. Nice stroke of luck eh? And to top it all off, both the examiners for my long case and portfolio discussion were all my lecturers, no external examiners at all. You guys don't know how i felt after that. I was sooo relieved, and kinda happy that god still loves me after all.
I did my oath taking on friday, and managed to get a lot of pics with my lecturers and friends. I still x feel anything right now, it just feels that i am on another school holiday. but its great i passed, cos i am pretty old now and its time for me to start working. My parents were pretty nonchalant that i passed, but on the plus side i can ask them to buy some of the stuff that i want. I need a new wardrobe, new shoes, need to fix my ipod, need to read lots of novels, need to enjoy myself. Induction will probably be in october, so i might start working by November. God, that is another scary thought.