Friday, September 21, 2007

I hope they win

my craze with rugby players started 3 years ago when johnny wilkinson played for the brits. coincidentally, they won the rugby world cup in 2003. since johnny's not playing anymore, i've decided to switch teams to the ALL BLACKS. I love the way they do the haka, no matter if people think its stupid or funny. The passion that they show when doing the haka is addictive. Of course, the presence of Luke Mcalister is a great help too!Just like the england football team, they have won the world cup only once in 1983. They've either lost at the finals or semifinals to south africa, france or tonga. Jeez, i hope they win this year! I'm going on the haka overload now.

this is the haka the under-19 all blacks performed:

and this is the cutest haka that i've ever seen:


ps. i don't like sebastian chabal, the guy who looks like a mafia in the french rugby team.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ive got one more year to go!

as of last week, i am officially a 5th year student (who is still woefully average). i'm starting with surgery and ending with radio or anaes. its hectic, tiring, but fun. my day starts at 6am and ends at 6pm. so many things to remember and so many new things to absorb in 4 weeks. its true what another friend says, at the end of each day we're all so tired. There's no time for gossip, no time to bother about the petty little things in life. This week i tried to insert a cannula, and it wouldn't even go in, because i pushed the wrong way. How embarassing!! Even more embarassing is that i only get to do this in my final year.

After my selectives and electives, i now have a bigger picture of life as a real doc. its not just about being good in theory, its also about being good in practical work. And in SGH, the standard is high. i just noticed that the ho's in seremban hospital are twice as much as in sgh, even though sgh is bigger. BAd huh....houseman's in kch are overworked. the juniors have started their first week and are lost sheep. i am proud to anounce that their M2/03 seniors are being very nice to them, especially RAhman. If that guy ever goes into politics, he has my full support :)

last nite there was an earthquake in indon measuring 8.2. The students in condo tasik mewah said the building was shaking. i was happily stuffing my mouth with mcdonalds french fries at seremban 2 when the quake hit. thank god there's no tsunami. this weekend i'm not going back to kl, no matter how badly i want to. there's something about weekends in seremban that is so bloody boring. even though i've downloaded tons of movies to watch, its still boring.

Now i wanna talk about britney spears. Her performance at the vma's is so fucked up. when i saw the trailer for the rehearsals, she looked okay. Why she had to wear that little for the performance is just mind boggling. i'm okay with her body, but she should realize she ain't a size 2 anymore. the next day she went out without any undies. i wonder why someone like her wants to destroy her career and abandon her babies every night for the clubs. she's acting like a juvenile. Her new songs sound so much better without her dancing drunkenly to it. that girl just doesn't have any brain cells left.

I love perez hilton, even though he's catty and seems to have an agenda towards certain stars, his blog is funny to read. and he posted a nice pic of christiano ronaldo wearing white undies and getting soaked....check out his blogpage.

I accidentally discovered this great song from gym class heroes, viva la white girl. its supposedly about drugs (?). i'm not sure, but it has a nice beat to it.