Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kuching stagnation

Hello....its been a month since i wrote something. I'm currently vegetating at my house, doing nothing but playing my computer games, eating and sleeping. and swimming, getting tanned like a lobster and driving. Yes, i am relearning my driving skills. This is currently my 2nd week into my driving lessons. I am being taught by a guy who's about my age,and who has a liking for long fingernails (aka Phua chu kang). He's a nice guy though. He asked me to start driving around town on the 2nd day itself. so far, driving around is not a problem for me. the only thing is when i am at the traffic light i tend to release the clutch too early, hence the car just goes dead in the middle of the road. Another thing is roundabouts. Kuching still has a lot of roundabouts, and the one at Padungan is especially tricky to negotiate. I won't be surprised if mr instructor gets a mini heart attack one day. Yesterday i learned how to park. I hate reverse parking. especially the one where i have to adjust the car so its equally balanced on both sides. I haven't done side parking yet, and tomorrow i have a 2 hour lesson.
Last week a couple of friends came to kuching for a holiday. On the first day itself, we went dolphin watching at the mouth of the Sarawak River. we had to kayak and it was my first time. It was a good experience....and that's where i got my legs fried. we were in the sun from 9am til 2pm. Then we had a swim at the beach (pasir pandak) where one of my friends got attacked by jumping prawns...yea for real. Thinking about the Attack of the Prawn episode never fails to make me laugh. Second day we went to Bako national Park. We were dropped off at one of the beaches. The beaches at Bako are SUPERB. They are not the muddy beaches that you normally get around kuching area, and they sea is crystal clear there. The trails are good, and i got a workout in the jungle. i also managed to catch glimpses of the proboscis monkeys. They are shy creatures. Everytime we got close to them, they backed away. Its just like watching Nat Geo live. The park facilities have been upgraded, and there are less bearded pigs and macaques at the headquarters (yay!!).
Third day we went to Semenggoh to see the orang utans feeding. That was good in itself. I also brought them to see Damai Beach (i miss it a lot). We also went to the museums around kuching city.
I've also been swimming almost daily at Sarawak Club. The pool waters are just nice, not icy cold like at vista. I've been trying to redo my freestyle strokes as i usually swim using the breast stroke.
I've got my offer letter to work with the government, and i should be working in November itself. Its scary, working for the first time, especially if one is a houseman. Sigh....i'm going to enjoy myself while i can. By the way, i've added a new site about my travelling experiences. its labelled MyTrips, under the heading other blogs.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Holiday mode

Hey guys, i finally found time to write a bit after going off for so long. I had my graduation on august 23rd (finally), i went off for a short trip to bali, went to kedah to help my mom move there, went to langkawi for a night's trip to see my brother, going back to kl tomorrow, and coming back to kuching on this tuesday.
My bali trip was GOOD. Hectic, but good. i was there for 5 days, and there was so much to see and do. stayed at a hotel right in front of kuta beach. Won't talk much about it cos i plan to set up postings dedicated for my trips.
I had a hell of a workout cleaning up and arranging my mom's new place in kedah. it was tiring, and i had diarrhea from my bali trip. but that did not stop me from enjoying kedah food. its true, the further up north of malaysia one goes, the more tastier food is. I also had a blast in langkawi buying loadsa stuff, got myself a new sunglass and plenty of cosmetics...heehee! I also bought quite a few pc games and anime for my relaxing pleasure. My brain has also been 'dumbed' by watching movies on cinemax and star movies. i dont even remember what the titles were. I feel so bad because i haven't had the time to meet up with all my old friends. i promised them i would meet them in kl after i graduated, and i just don't have the time to do so. After coming back to kl tmr, i have to clean the place also and pack up all my things to be sent back to kch. hectic and busy.
I'm currently reading a book called 'rich dad, poor dad'. since i'm going to start working soon, i figured i need to invest all my hard earned cash in the right places. my short term target after 2 years of housemanship will be to go on a trip to vancouver and alaska. Since the ringgit's value is set to drop even further, i have to really be prudent in my spendings. What i can't wait to have once i start working though, is my very first credit card!!! I'll start with having one for the time being. The only thing is which credit card to have.
I plan to watch 'babylon ad' once i come back to kuching. there is no cinema in alor setar. i think my mom is going to be dead bored. I can't wait for my brother to graduate next month. I can't imagine him flying a plane. Its pretty unbelievable for me that my really young brother is about to be a pilot. Better yet, i can't wait to embarass him on his graduation day :P tomorrow i have a 6 hour trip by bus to kl, i hope puduraya will not be so crowded.