Saturday, May 31, 2008

Movies...movies and Jolie

the first movie that i will mildly review is Narnia 2: Caspian. i watched this with the squid about 2 weeks ago. the pace of the movie was good, there were not many boring scenes and there was 1 really hot guy to keep me entertained, aka Ben Bar-ness (that's how squid sez it). Apparently Ben Bar-ness was in a short-lived boyband before he had his hand in acting. what i find funny was that the Telmarines had this spanish accent. Just because all of the Telmarines had dark hair, they just HAD to have a spanish accent eh? How about Mexican? Another thing was that the fighting sequences of the movie were heavily borrowed from lord of the rings. They could have showed a bit of originality-lah. ANd there was a lot of reviews that there were too many christian related themes in the movie. Well, there are some slight references to christ, the obvious was when the older children couldn't see Aslan, and only Lucy did because she still believed in him. But thinking of Christ in the form of a very handsome lion, not bad i say. overall, i gave it 7/10 cos i did enjoy myself watching the movie. Oh yes, and Ben Bar-ness too

The other movie that i recently watched was 'The orphanage' in kluang parade, of all places. we were there for yet again another visit. but the hospital was having some accreditation thingy so we had about two hours to kill. FYI, the cinema in kluang was better than in bp. the one thing that amused me was the decor of the cinema. the overall color was red, with jukebox sort of lights as u enter the cinema itself. It really reminded me of some old school karaoke parlor. I bet my ass the interior designer who did the cinema was also the interior designer for karaoke parlors. I give the orphanage 6/10. the movie was scary, and the acting was good. what i didn't like was the ending. I guess everyone wants to be like M. Night Syamalan nowadays and give it a twist to the ending so everyone goes 'ooooooooh'. Well, i love my scary movies to be REALLY scary movies, like ppl getting killed by a ghost in the end, or the human actually surviving the ghost attack. there was one spooky character in the movie though, and he's called TOMAS.

EEK........if u EVER see this boy in ur house (or ur dreams) u know ur time is up.
I did want to watch this thai horror movie Long Khong. it was supposed to be shown on that day, but for some reason the cinema couldn't screen it. i LOVE thai horror movies, most of them are really good, and really spooky. Second would be indonesian, and third Korean. I've actually not watched korean and Jap horror movies for a long time because their ghosts are ALWAYs long haired women with no face that either crawl or slither towards you. Why can't they have other types of ghosts. Asia is just full of ghosts. take our country for example. i bet my ass there are about 100 different types of ghosts. be a little bit original lah.

and this is THE hottest angelina jolie pic i have seen:

Man, her face is so perfect. Sorry to say this, but jennifer aniston just doesn't stand a chance against her. She's smart, sexy, and dangerous to boot.

Lastly,i was watching Roll Bounce on Astro. it starred Mr. Mariah Carey (NIck CAnnon) and Bow wow. tHe movie was very funny. What i loved even more was the soundtrack, and in particular this song. I can just groove to this song the whole day. Seventies rock!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy reviewed

i had my cfcs viva yesterday. its basically me and my student partner helping to take care of a patients medical problems. it went well yesterday. 15 minutes passed by so fast. what was worse was that i scribbled on my report using blue and green marker pens, and i didn't know that i had to pass it back to IMOO again after i finished viva. so i had to tell the lecturers that i scribbled something....luckily they didn't mind at all. and because i had to wind down after a day of stress, i went to watch the latest indiana jones movie

i give the movie 7/10, ok but not good. the ending sucked for me. i thought with all his experience spielberg could have had a better ending for his movie. the good thing was, it brough back all my nostalgia for the earlier indie movies. i did remember watching all 3 movies while i was young. i think my favourite was raiders of the lost ark. i dont'remember how indie's father died though. another interesting thing they put in the movie was siafu ants. my friend was telling me no such ant exists on planet earth. i ant is crazy enough to eat a russian baddie...but i did remember a documentary about fire ants in africa exactly like the one in the movie. the ones in africa are welcomed by the Masai warriors of kenya because they help to eat all the crop pests. but woe behold anyone or anything that comes in their way. i do not like those ants. i don't mind the malaysian red n black ants, but not those crazy african ants.

uugh. i know its nature, but imagine what it can do to a human. this is also exactly why i do not go into the jungle. i really wonder how tribes living in the jungle can avoid these sort of ants, and they are partialy nude and barefoot.

and finally, here is dj Tiesto with Traffic:

This is one of the very few club songs that i like. the other is Moby's 'i love to dance' but i can't find a nice video for that song.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

im back from kl

there it is folks. i'm back in sleepy boring BP after 5 days in KL. i felt sooooo happy going back last friday. no ward rounds, no nothing to do. it took us 4 hours to go back to kl via the Yong Peng highway. We stopped at Ayer Keroh for a lunch break. That place is huuuuuge. The weekends was spent going to shopping malls, specifically midv. my mom just loves that place. Oh yeah, for mother's day, i just got here a few roses, since she likes that flower a lot. But,as i am going to work soon (hopefully) she has already started telling me what she WOULD like for next year's mother's day. A crystal tree. Costs about 400+. eh, its fine by me. i am thinking of getting a credit card once i start working. Not that i plan to max it out completely,its just for emergency purposes. There were no sales at all, i came to kl too soon. Sales will only start at the end of the month.
What i did do this weekend was to watch Iron Man.......starring the absolutely yummy Robert Downey Jr. He really suits the role, and i hope there will be a sequel to iron man. The movie has a good script, hot hero and some funny scenes in between.

Yes, folks. Robert Downey Jr can certainly rock my world anytime he wants to :)

I read that since the response to the movie was so good, they are thinking of making an iron man trilogy.

The next movie i'm planning to watch is Narnia's Prince Caspian. I just hope its slightly better than the second one.

I also went for some foot therapy last weekend. My mom and i tried some Fish spa, its those little fish that nibble on your dead skin cells on your foot. It cost us 38 dollars for half an hour. There are different levels of the fish spa. you progress from the little fish to the big fish, and there are a few pools for you to soak your foot in. My mom and i stuck to the little fish, because its VERY ticklish when they start chomping on your feet:

Picture 1: i'm just starting to put my feet in the pool
pic 2: fish start coming my way........
PIc 3: Attack of Dr fishies
Pic 4: More feet= less tickly feeling

I would still do the fish spa thing again,its fun and it really does make my feet look good. I also went for a facial, and it HURT LIKE HELL. The lady said there was so much gunk in my face. i swear that i'm getting more pimples in BP. Could be because its so hot here. ugh, i'm on holiday for 5 more days, and i have to finish most of my portfolios by next monday.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Birthdays to remember

Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to these people who are/have celebrated/r celebrating getting a year older...........



heh, i just thot of making it in capital letters to show how important they are. Dida dear, i AM going to see you next monday, so be prepared to sleep late. Brain.......come back to kuching next year!! i shall be home by then.

dad turns 56 today, and i just love it when i wish him happy birthday. he seems so happy that i remembered him getting a year older (actually i forgotlah.... but my mum called me just now to remind me). Do i love my dad? u bet i do. he's the only one that will spoil me to bits. my mum is strict on my shopping expenses, but dad?? he just buys me anything and everything that i want. so far, he has rarely turned down my requests. the only problem? both of us have to ask my mum for approval first.
and dad still treats me like i'm a 12 year old girl. i remember once that i wanted to go out with some girlfriends to starbuckcs in town at night. he asked me who my friends were,how long i was going out, when i'm supposed to come back etc. and that was when i was already 23 years old!!!! i got safely back by 10.30pm and both him and my grandma were waiting for me, like i committed robbery or something. but yeah, i love my dad to bits. don't know what i would do without my parents in my life.

mum and dad are going to canada next week, shit,i'm supposed to go to. initially the plan was to go after i graduated, but because my dad is gonna start working again in july, so they decided to go WITHOUT me and my bro. they're gonna visit my aunt in vancouver, visit the rocky mountains n go to seattle. sigh, why can't they wait for me???Anyways, this gives me the perfect excuse as always to ask for things:

1. Narcisco Rodriquez perfume for her.....this perfume smells really sexy.
2. Juicy Couture handbag........this takes a bit more persuasion for them to buy
3. Steve Madden shoes.......i LOVE Steve Madden
4. A watch??? All my watches are breaking down. i need a new replacement

Expected money they'll waste on the above items.....a few hundred US dollars. That's what they get for not bringing me, hah!!

i can't believe i have only 4 days left in surgery posting. as fun as it is, i just have 3 months left before i graduate. we had assessment today, and i was damn scared! i felt like in was in the PolPot regime. its like assessing whether you're stupid or not. i can really feel my face flushing. if you can imagine a deer trapped in headlights, that was how i felt and looked like. Anyways, he said all of us need to buck up. so, everyone is equal lah. i'm so glad its all over. tomorrow i have another round with DK. damn, that's another one i'm scared off. i don't think i'm being over sensitive, but i always kena with lecturers. its either i look dumb, look blur, or i know some stuff. right now i'm not sure which one applies.

i so can't wait to go back to kl this friday. i'm due for some heavy duty shopping, especially shoes n clothes. i went for a brisk walk this evening. i can't imagine how unfit i am. last sat, i also went for a brisk walk, and my calf muscles were in pain the next day. man, that's bad. that has never happened to me. i can't wait to get back to my fit self again. 3 more months........3more months.

i also need a bitching session with my subang cousins, i hope they'll want to see me next weekend. i also miss their tubby sis who eats cheese for a living :) dun worry, she is only 9 years old, she can't beat my ass for saying that.