Friday, April 21, 2006

and now...internal med


i've just finished my exam for surgery this morning. I THINK i passed, but that depends on my examiners. There were a lot of questions i couldn't awnser, and after 4 hours i still feel like a total fool. I have loss of appetite today, but dont fret guys...i'll be okay by tomorrow.

Clinical school is so different from Bj. here, you are not only expected to go to the wards and clark patients to improve your history taking, but also have to find time to study. its pretty stressful sometimes, but enjoyable on the whole. i still have to buck up a LOT on anatomy cos it sucks!!!

i have enjoyed my surgery posting though...and i'll have to work even harder for internal med. it'll be 3 months of hard work for me, then i'll be able to relax a bit for family med. We're gonna have a feedback session for todays exam, i hope it'll be okay.

this weekend i have a lot of reports to write, so i won't be able to go back and see my family. plus, i have to learn how to read the ecg, which is no mean feat :(
i feel like watching a movie this weekend (if i have the time). Poseidon will be coming out on 11 may, so i do want to watch it. the rest...ah, i'll watch it on dvdlah. I realised i can't live without astro. since coming to seremban, i am forced to watch mainstream tv, some programs are nice, but on the whole they are kinda boring. I miss my MTV,HBO, National geographic and starworld.

I am now a fan of naruto...the characters are pretty cool, but weird. what i dont get is this boy carrying a large gourd on his back (?).