Saturday, January 14, 2006

what i have been doing this week

Today i'm gonna visit this little tyke:

I'll be watching this tomorrow:

and i have just finished reading this book.

the shining is the most wacked out book i've read from king so far. i myself feel crazy reading what the characters think. i've been going to the Swak club gym and library, and am surprised that the librarian still remembers me. its been ages since i've been there, and the romance books are still the same ( i used to borrow them a lot). i've grown out of that, and now all the mystery and murder writers top my to-read list. my dad bought the narnia compilation, but i felt bored reading it. i guess i'm past it.

its two more weeks to CNY and the neighbour behind me is busy playing firecrackers everyday. at 7.30 pm precisely.this may sound a bit crazy, but i do actually miss the red firecrackers that they play at midnite. somehow it doesn't seem like cny without it. the neighbors are busy cleaning their houses for the big occasion.

so far, so good. i'm enjoying the hols with loads of food to eat.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

durian madness

i am seriously tired after going to both my kampungs today. i woke up at 4.30 am just because one of my grannies suggested that we should start the trip at 6 am. then in the end, she came the latest. all that waking up for nothing!

we were supposed to go to my mum's land to pluck some durians. The villagers there said that there was a lot.the trip there took around 4 hours. we stopped at Lachau on the way,and surprise, surprise, there were lots of durians! i think the area around lachau is the only one that is fruiting, cos its not really durian season in kch yet. one thing good about going to rural areas is that the produce is fresh , and there are so many things you feel like buying.

i slept throughout the journey there. when we arrived, we were told that most of the villagers had plucked the durians, except for 1 tree, cos the fruits are still too young. well, at least we won't go back empty handed. my uncle is good at climbing trees, so he was the one who was plucking it. the rest of us just stayed and looked around in the jungle. as soon as we entered the jungle, the mosquitoes surrounded us. its really scary to see the familiar black and white stripe of the aedes mosquito. luckily we brought repellent. there were lots of other fruit trees around, and me being a city girl, got excited to see fruits in the wild.

all the durians we collected were still young.we collected about 13 durians altogether. then we stopped at lachau again to buy the ripe ones, as well as a few other things. i couldn't sleep on the way back cos the road was too bumpy. the weather today was fine, and the Hose mountain range looked beautiful.its hard to imagine that on the other side of mountain lies kalimantan. so near and yet so far.

my little nephew is back home today, and screaming his lungs out. he's really cute, his brows furrow when he sleeps, like he's thinking about some hard math problem or something. btw, if anyone has watched the series numbers, the older brother don is a hottie!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

auntie sarah

i've been very excited about getting a new niece/nephew for quite some time, so today i'm officially an aunty (big round of applause). my nephew was born around 12.30 this afternoon, and tonight i got my first peep at him. he weighs 3.5 kg, pretty big for a baby.he's got lots of hair (even on his ears) and is still fast asleep right now. he'll be fit go back tmr and i can't wait to see him for real on saturday. he doesn't have a name a the moment. i wish to call him matthew surak. Surak means sunshine in bidayuh. his parents want to call him rayes kulo. They probably have their own reason.

i didn't go for exercise today cos it was raining cats n dogs. tmr i have to go to gym as well as to parkson to get a long overdue xmas present for a friend. i am going to be down with the flu soon and that sucks. am starting to gain weight due to the good food in kch.

today my grandma and i tried to make assam laksa. its not bad, pretty good. i wonder how the hawkers make the soup so yellowish. we tried adding kunyit but it doesn't do the trick. next week i'm gonna try and make popiah

i'm supposed to be studying this month but i cant seem to. i just feel like playing everyday. went to timberland medical centre and felt depressed when i saw where the specialists graduated from. im currently feeling stupid at the moment cos i don't think i've got a lot of info in my head. sigh, to be a good doc!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas eve

My flight was scheduled for 3.25pm to kuching. On the same flight with me was michelle liew @ the goose. she, su jun and i took the taxi to was very hard for her to part with her close friends, and luckily at the airport we met up with sheena n gang, and also gayatri, so she cheered up a bit.

the good part of using airasia is that if you book early, you can get it for a ridiculously low price. the bad part is that if you have lots of baggage, be prepared to pay for it. as the max load is 15kg, mich had to pay quite a lot for her stuff. the crowd was crazy, but luckily the line moved fast. then we all went to mcd's. Ck held the top spot for having the longest piece of french fry ever, before premila took it and made it dissapear!

the flight we were on used the new airbus, so it was fantastic. both of us slept during the flight. the funny part was we landed at kch. you see, kch airport is in the midst of upgrading, and we were put at the last terminal. both of us had lots of things to carry. i was carrying mich's bag which contained some wooden box.

the airport floor was slippery, and mich decided to jog to the immigration counter. i naturally was short of breath. if you can imagine 2 girls carrying bags, gliding on the floor and laughing all the way, you'd think they were crazy, wouldn't you?

i think thats what the other passengers think about us. the immigration counters were so high, if i didn't wear my high heels i wouldn't see the officer at all. kinda funny being short sometimes.

then to get to the entrance of the airport , we had to go through this rabbit hole sort of thingy. it was pretty hot cos it was enclosed and so many ppl were moving about.

when i came home, it was just in time for dinner. we had a short one, cos one of my uncles had to go for mass. my own family went for the midnite mass at st joe's. the choir was the usual one, but what makes this particular mass special is that evry one is in the mood for singing. and when the whole church sings, its really beautiful. You really feel like welcoming jesus into the world. at the end of church, they had a contraption where bubble came out from the roof, and the whole church was full of it. sigh!