Thursday, August 24, 2006

on holiday

hmph... i have had a 1 month holiday and now i'm into the 3rd week. what have i been doing?

week 1 : clean house and do all sorts of nonsense.
install yahoo games into computer and play until eyes are tired.
i highly suggest Luxor. all you have to do is burst the colored balls. i'm now in level 8 and i can't get past it!!!

week 2: went for a holiday to South africa. Was there for a week, took thousands of photos and ate seafood the whole time. I'll blog about it next weeklah

week 3: start a little bit of reading and have to complete research. i'm supposed to interview 120 subjects. Shuttling back between kl and seremban is tiring.

week 4 : have to move house to my new place which is just 5 minutes away. i dread moving stuff, especially my books.

IN the meantime, i have finished reading Stephen King's the Cell. its a great book about zombies. Anyone who has a fetish for zombies like me should check it out. I actually have no idea why i'm in love with zombies?!

Am now reading another book Wicked witch of the West. Its supposedly an adult version of the story. And i'm trying to finish The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

i've also tidied up my blog cos its so outdated. For those who used to use unkymood smilies, its back and you have to search under the title Punkymoods.

I also watched Siti's wedding last monday but fell asleep just as Dato' K was about to say his wedding vows. I woke up just in time to see end of the majlis. Both my mum and i think her makeup was superb. And check out her HUGE diamond 'merisik' ring. That's really BLING.