Friday, July 28, 2006

Bye bye brother

to all kuchingites who are not in kuching....did you guys know that sarawak club was burnt down on wednesday night? My grandma was woken up by the noise, it happened around 3 am. The pictures are available on Star online. Sorrylah, i'm too lazy to post pics now. It seems the entire building is gone, the only thing left are the tennis courts. Its a shame, isn't it. I hope they'll build a more beautiful club.

My brother will be changing study courses. Last month he went for an interview with MAS, and now his dream of becoming a PILOT will come true. He's going to sign some agreement with mas today, and by next week he'll be flying of to langkawi. And i think he'll start work earlier than me. As much as i think my brother can be annoying and downright sarcastic, i'm going to miss him. After all, i've bullied him ever since he was a baby. its hard to imagine him being on his own. My weekends now are going to be very boring without him.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My first PD trip

Last saturday my mom's office organized a family day for the weekend. they picked me up at noon, but couldn't stop in front of my house because the road leading to it was blocked by worshippers from a nearby temple. its a festival honoring one of the hindu gods, and that day a lot of them were doing a procession and carrying kabbadis. so, i had to walk to the main road where she could pick me up.
the place where we stayed was the corus hotel. it has 9 floors and we stayed on the second. my cousins came along for this trip with my aunt. i was too lazy to join in the competitions so i did a little bit of studying in the afternoon. then about 2 hours later i had to save my youngest cousin from the adults. we all went swimming in the pool later on. coincidentally, this is the first time since march that i've gone swimming. thank god i still remember my strokes !

dinner was around 8pm. my mom had to give a speech, and there were a few dance performances from the office staff. the food that they served was good, and i myself ate around 6 mussels. little cousin didn't even want to touch anything else aside from musssels. I overate as usual (i don't get to eat good food during the weekdays) then sat back on my chair and watched the performances. Majority of it was karaoke done by the office workers. A few were good, and most were OK-lah (note that i am being very generous in giving my praises for this). I went back to my room around 10.30 after seeing my cousins perform with my mom. Again, i thank god i was being excused not to perform with them, it was a dance routine. I would have been jiggling my ass on the stage for 10 minutes, and its not a pretty sight ;P

the next morning i planned to swim again, but i woke up to find the pool colonised by little kids. so i took a walk around the hotel grounds. and i had to watch something gruesome. i saw this big, bad , ugly crow attacking this small little pretty blue bird. it was going for the little birds head, trying to decapitate it. and the most pitiful thing is that the bird's group was trying to defend it from the crow by sporadically swooping down on the crow. Yucks...its watching animal planet live. i didn't stick around for the crow to win.

yesterday i had a teaching session, and it was my turn to present. one of my colleagues patient, who has anxiety, depression and insomnia came to be assessed by my lecturer. No one wanted to clerk him, and i was obliged to do it. but it was good in a way, because i got a satisfactory mark from interviewing him. I think that will be the end of my clerking days, cos i gotta give everyone else a chance. Each of us is supposed to clerk a minimum of two patients.

My dad will be coming to kl this weekend and i am naturally overjoyed. sometimes its good to be the only girl in the family. The mega sale is also just starting, and here are some the things i need/want:

1. a new pair of sneakers (preferably Skechers)
2. Stephen King's THe Cell
3. A mini Jansport backpack
4. New specs (hopefully)

Mom will be buying me a new handbag since my bro says the current one looks like an old lady's bag. Why are younger brothers so irritating?

PS. I am also glad my cousin jasmine is back at home. I hope this will never happen again.

Friday, July 21, 2006


The haze is back, and Seremban is ****ing hot. I feel like i'm in Africa, especially in the afternoons. And i drink 2 big bottles of mineral water just to stay cool.

Last friday i went to buy tickets for Pirates, and i had to wait one hour in line just to buy tickets for saturday's show. But it was worth it. On saturday itself the line stretched from the GSC counter all the way to mcd's at midv. And the cinema was bloody full! and cold. I give the movie 8/10. I think johnny depp as jack sparrow is smoking...hum, can't wait for the 3rd installment. i'm tempted to watch American haunting and Lady in the water.

My 2 weeks of relaxation are over. i've now officially finished my MO and MCH week. Next week is back to clerking patients. This weekend i'm going to Port Dickson for family day organized by my mom's office. i wont be dipping myself in the beach per se, i'm happy enough with the swimming pool. BUT i do hope that there will be good food. i'm hankering for some fish and lots of seafood. To hell with my cholesterol levels! I know its bad but i can't resist.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pirates are here!

I have an hour left before i go back to kl. i am gonna skip my plenary this afternoon (its about ethics) and i figure that i'm not so bad in the moral department. the sole reason why i'm going back so early is to book tickets at gsc midvalley for the pirates 2. i've tried online booking and sms but its all reserved. i think if i were to actually go there and buy the tickets it would be ok. this week is relaxing for me, i was posted to the maternal and child health section of the community clinic.

its interesting to see what sort of cases they have there, and also a joy to hold babies. hehehe...i've been praised for holding a baby the right way by my colleagues, so yeah. the worst thing a baby has to undergo is immunisation. i have to learn the correct way to immunize a baby, but when they start to cry and wail...i feel that my heart gets broken too. Other things i did was to palpate pregnant mother's tummy, do booking for first time mothers and family planning.

the highlight of the week was going for school visit, where we follow the schoo health van to primary and secondary schools. it reminds me back to My own schoolyears. i remembered that i didn't cry when they jabbed me in standard 1. On that particular day , it was jabbing time for the standard 1 pupils. none of them cried, and i actually got to see head lice for the first time. I feel really 'geli' to see the insects moving around a girl's head. I also examined for testicular abnormalities in schoolboys. i had to feel whether their testes was absent or not. It made me feel like a paedophile for 10 minutes.

the immunization program is really good, and i'm thankful that our government does take good care of its people. times have changed, and the immunization schedule has undergone a bit of transformation too. i wouldn't mind going to school visits when i'm a dr next time, its fun to see the school children at their most innocent.

now, i shall try my luck at buying tickets for tomorrow.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Today is 7 july 2006.

1. i had a mid posting mcq and i passed.

2. i ate a tuna sandwich for lunch

3. i played with the official university cat who is pregnant. She is also very sweet. i wished i had a cat like that.

4. i attened my cfcs meeting. it was a bit unorganized because some members were absent. i'll be going to visit my patient next week.

5. spotted a cute guy today. ehem.... and no, its not an imu student.

6. will be going back to kl today. i have been going back every weekend since i started this posting. i am not used to this.

7. feel like going shopping and buying a romance book. i swore i would never touch a romance book after form 5, and look what has happened now.

8. my skirt is now tight around my waist because i overate for lunch. i wish i had no fat.

9. heard paris hilton's single for the dozenth time this morning. the girl can't sing. but she can frolic very well

10. Forgot to clean my contact lens last night and have to wear specs today. contact lenses are so much more comfortable.

11. will be having a lecture on pregnancy later. aren't pregnant females interesting??

12. am constantly amused by the seremban chickens. did i mention that i saw a chicken in the middle of seremban town? we don't see that in kuching, do we?

13. i wish that male mange characters are actually real life humans. The world would be a happier place for females.

my top 3 manga bishonen :

1. samurai x
2. hatake kakashi
3. inu yasha

Favourite baddie: Sephiroth (FF7) and Orochimaru (Naruto)

Why do the bad guys always have to be drop dead gorgeous??

Note: i also went to the pizza hut party with my posting mates. i took a lot of pics but i still have to downsize them first before posting them up. i ate 3 large slices that night, and took a slice of chocolate walnut cake. i then waddled like a penguin because i was overstuffed!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

first of all, i'm happy to note that my blog is still being read by other bloggers out there. from my own observation, it seems 99.99% of my readers are secret fans (just joking!!). its getting harder to blog nowadays, cos i don't have internet access at my own place. in august i'll be moving house which does have access. i'm gonna miss my old room and the house. its really comfy and BIG, complete with its own bathroom. the new place i'm staying will be with my batchmates. it'll be about 10 minutes further and i have to have transport now. the new room is just empty and i have to buy new furniture. i hate moving house, packing and unpacking and cleaning everything.

My aunt is doing a course for 3 months in kl, so i'll be seeing her whenever i go back to BJ. surprisingly, she's not the shopping maniac i thought she was. i am an acclaimed shopaholic, i just love walking around malls. there's so many things to see. i can exercise, and destress at the same time. i just wished i had more money to spend though. i even had to ask my dad to buy me stephen king's latest 'the cell' cos it was so expensive.

Family med is pretty relaxing. but i hate it when it comes to teaching sessions. last week i clerked a patient with depression and i got a scolding from the lecturer for telling a 'grandmother story'. its the first time i saw a patient with depression, and its really interesting. i don't think i'll be interested to work in psychiatry though, its just not me. Honestly, i will probably be working in the medical wards after i grad. i'm still gonnna try and see if dermatology is really my thing. and tomorrow night the students in my posting are gonna have some pizza hut party with a lecturer. its pretty funny, cos we're the only internal med posting that gets to have a party with her. me, i'm just going for the pizze and pictures.

the newspapers are still commenting about the riff between the pm and expm. i think its just blown out of proportion. i personally just want to have this issue finished with and let the pm do his job. I am also pretty sad that brazil lost to france. i didn't side any team, but i thought brazil would have won over aging france. i predict...germany vs. portugal for the finals. the samba boys were probably too overconfident that they would win.

as for england...i think it was brave of david beckham to publicly step down as captain. i think he did a good job in his 6 years. i wonder who's going to replace him. Sven goran should have been replaced a LONG time ago. they seem to be getting nowhere with him. and i think the british press are obsessed with the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of the english players. its come to a point where you feel sick looking at their pics in the newspapers everyday and read about their exorbitant shopping and clubbing. do i sound jealous of them? maybe i am. but to me it seems like a big waste of one's life doing nothing but shopping and getting drunk all the time. Thank god victoria was smart enough not to join them.