Sunday, September 26, 2004


i am feeling that pang of homesickness again. i think i think about home too often. i have to go to my aunt's house once, so i don't feel so bad. the malaysian idols are coming to an end, and i'm hoping jac will win. i hear she has great vocals, and i don't want to be embarassed to be a malaysian at the world idols.
we practiced yesterday at the stadium. surprise, surprise, its actually smaller than the lake, and i can actually finish one round without stopping, and having enough energy to sprint some more! i'm just scared of the other batches, particularly sem 5 and 4 cos they're hellbent on winning. hopefully we can finish third.
today was a boring day. didn't do anything much, and i reread the cleo's bachelor edition. i have to admit zain is really hot,along with jacky. anyone who can breakdance is fine with me.zain is really cute, who knows, maybe someone will put yogibears name in the candidate list next year??
now its time for the throb updates. yogi took part in the relay yesterday, and he looked bloody tired as he finished. we finished fourth overall, not bad. lillian is just too good, and i'm scared taht she may be running for the 400 relay. we also won in the men's football, with soonliang as the hero, but we lost for basketball. anyway, its all about taking part. next monday, our batch will have 4 simultaneous matches. what's this? a conspiracy by sem 5 to undermine us?
i wanted to write a fiery article about my hatred for the terrorists in iraq, but my homesickness blew all that away. anyway, they must be really stupid asses to kidnap their fellow muslims and aid workers because they are the ones who are rebuilding iraq. i hope they get caught soon, and what's with the poor security in iraq. i hate terrorists, they are not human, and i wonder how their god teaches them to behave like taht. or how they feel like cutting another human's head off. do they feel remorse? guilt? or is it just another day's work for them? anyway, i've always thought the world is screwed ever since i was really old enough to think properly. poverty and wealth. if all the billionares contributed half of their money to ppl who really need it, the world would be a better place to live in.i think that's it. its too long. and yeah, i enjoyed my afternoon nap today, weather reminds me of cameron highlands/home

Thursday, September 23, 2004


i'm sick of trying to think up cool names for my blog. i'll just go with whatever i remember. yesterday was raining again, and i couldn't do my usual jogging. i went to the stadium to check it out. i keep thinking if i ran, then i suddenly tripped, fell down and collapsed. that would go down in imu history as the crappiest runner. our girls team won the volleyball against sem1 yesterday. 25-5,25-0. amazing! but i pitied my juniors, they looked like they had no energy left. i feel like laughing, but i just tahanlah.
i talked to my mum on monday night, and yes, she did miss me. she even gave me tips on how to run for the 4 by 400. when running, take deep breaths and always remember to extend your legs! i will try my best just to finish the race.
i want to do splits again, i saw aisya doing it yesterday, and i'm so jealous. my flexibility is currently 1%. now, my splits are just 90degrees. its time to flex
the eca was on yesterday, but most of the clubs in imu are so boring. that's why i join the sports clubs. i'm not joining crusaiders anymore cos of rokiah. and the others just don't get my attention.
today will be the squash meeting. i'm happy if i don't get any post/ elected to a small time post

Monday, September 20, 2004

jogging freak

hmm i have already wrote before this, but i dunno why it couldnt be published. i went jogging just now, and it felt great. i managed to jog to the top of the hill without stopping, then going another 3 rounds around the lake. great! now i just have to try to run two more rounds and i'll be set. its a shame i didn't see anyone today, or else my day would have been perfect. the monsoon season is coming, and i can't jogging that often. maybe i'll have to hit the gym now. i hear its been all fixed. great. the last time i went, it was all falling down.
my juniors have been practising hard for volleyball. the crazy gals even practised at 11pm last nite. whew,i just hope my batch can win most of the games. now i understand why when i was in sem 1, i was puzzled at thelack of seniors supporting their batchmates.
i haven't started to practise for netball yet, but i hope we will soon, cos the sem 5 will definitely win this time. they have so many state players. nevermind, as long as i have fun playingit.
it is a pity that tennis is not in. i have to upgrade my tennis, it really sucks. i think my squash is better. honestly. its such a shame. i feel like playing volleyball too, but just for fun. one of these dayslah.. now i have to go back and sit down and look at my notes

jogging freak

yes, i finally went jogging today, and boy, did i work out a sweat! i'm proud of myself cos i was able to jog to the top of the hill without stopping, then doing another 3 more rounds around the lake. notbad. i thot my stamina had decreased. i now know that i have to jog slower to conserve my energy.
i feel so much better after jogging. i have been sitting on my butt the whole day, and i need to move around. i just feel so good now. amazing, my parents haven't called me yet. i guess they either think i'm studying, or they don't miss me. i feel like buying a new pair of shoes when my dad comes. the current ones are getting slippery.

i finally finished watching all 3 of my movies, and of all the village has the strongest storyline. as with m night syamalan;s movies, all 3 require a deeper thinking. but i enjoyed it, and i dont care what the critics say. bryan dallas howard is really pretty, and gives a good performance, and i have always enjoyed joaquin phoenix perform. the story is good, kinda mindboggling, but its understandable why the elders chose to do that.

my next movie is to watch the ghost. i'm told its good. the thai movie really sucked. i expected a lot more from them, cos they are really good in horror movies. today is kinda boring. i didnt see anyone familiar when i went jogging, kinda sad. i'll try to increase my stamina the next time. imu cup is starting next week, and i hope our batch can do well. we should, we've been winners for quite a few sports. i haven't been practising for netball yet. its kinda worrying cos other batches have started practising. i just hope we can win a match this time. haha. i have to get a medal before i go to seremban. ciao!

Friday, September 17, 2004

i love predator

today was one of the most tiring pbls i have ever had. at the end of the session, i just diddnt' know what to do. then when i went to mms,i really could feel my veins throbbing. shit.... so many pictures and they all look the same. haha, at least now i can differentiate what a pencil cell and some elliptocytes look like. i read kalesh's notes this afternoon, and i feel like laughing, cos i don't know what is important. it all looks so condensed. j.z. has a very nice lotr shirt, some more it has legolas on it. now if i were the one to wear it, wouldn't it be nice..

ohyeah, just watched alien vs. predator , wow the neighbour is cooking something really nice. and shit, i can't go jogging again today, gonna rain again. the movie's not as bad as it seems, its okay. this sort of movie is not meant for thinkers, its for ppl. like me who just dont want to think for a short period of time. i haven't seen any of the predator movies, but the predator here was not bad. the scariest thing is his weapons. if i were equipped with those, i wouldn''t have to worry about going anywhere alone. i'd probably even enjoy using those weapons.

i don't think i'm going to go jogginglah. i think i'm gonna watch some more movies. finish the whole thing. anacondas was not taht bad too. the marine guy and his friend is so hunky. hmmm, if only they had more of those guys in imu, haha, my life wouldn't be so miserable after all. come to think of it, there are not many hunky guys in imu.

i dunno what the neighbour is cooking, but it smells really nice. anyway, i just found out about my ex-schoolmates. its unbelievable that cat's married, but then again, i do sort of expect her to marry young. i hope i can get in touch with her and just get to see her kid. unbelievable that so many ppl are living around me. i think i should just go out with them one day, to catch up on old times. amazing still that mary smokes a lot. i wonder why she's trying so hard to prove that she's hip and happening. i dunnno, i still don't like her.

remedial class with achike was boring. i don't think i'll ever go to remedial class again, waht a waste of my time. i'd just revise my subjects alone, but i pity those who have to go, what a waste of their times. hmm, i just realised that semester 3 is the worst of all sems. after that, its basically smooth sailing. hah, i'll just be an absolute nerd for this semester, and then i'll continue my life after that. nvm, its just 3 months. furthermore, i can get to see some ppl. again

Thursday, September 16, 2004

after a long time

hmm, after a long hiatus, i am back to publish my woes and worries....

haiya, today is damn tiringlah. i just had flu again last night , and i'm konked out from the effects of the medication. csu today was fine, at least i remembered something, and today's remedial class was so boring. i don't think i will be going to any more of those in the future.

i'm jogging/walking again today. have to maintain/reduce the amt of fat that i have. but i find that my stamina is getting worse. dunno y, mebbe i'm just more tired these days. my mooncake is going to finish soon, i should have asked my mum to buy some more for me. i just feel like eating the lotus paste mooncake again.

school today is absolutely tiring. i had a lect. that looked just like a teddybear, and he was dressed like it was wintertime
anyway, his lecture was also boring, and the worst thing is some of my classmates walked out on him. kinda kesian, but nvmlah. i'm only playing netball for imu cup. i guess that's enough, what with me having a lack of erg, and seemingly unable to cope with my lect. notes/.

i wished i could've played squash tho. its quite a shame the seniors didn't put it in, but its kinda kiasu for them to do that. just because they can't win, doesn't mean other ppl. can't play. my neighbours are back. hani is his usual self, and kim is busy studying. oh yeah, i dunno when i can watch my dvdslah. hopefully this weekend. get some rest

damn! i'm really tiredlah. i think i'll just walk around the park today.