Wednesday, June 29, 2005

woe is me

8 am- woke up for a little while to take a piss. Thought of waking up for real, but went back to sleep.

8.50 am- wow...latest time i've woken up for this week. Proceed to stumble wildly to kitchen to prepare breakfast

9 am- am slow boiling porridge. added two eggs, some seaweed, generous salt, soy sauce and it still tastes bland. am worried that i will not cook good porridge like my granma.

9.10 am - eating in front of tv and drinking mango juice. Watching how a polar bear kills beluga whales by jumping on it repeatedly, only to have his meal stolen by a bigger polar bear. Then watch wacko animals on animal planet. Forgot about the animals anyway.

10 am- cleared breakfast and sitting on desk playing spider solitaire. starting to feel queasy and nauseous because of breakfast. feel seaweed going up throat. suppress desire to puke.

10.30am- trying to start typing for lit review. just managed to do abstract when i feel bloated and puking again. i now know how pregnant mommies feel

11.30 am - can't take it anymore!!! go to bed and do a yoga stance with eyes closed in the hopes of taking away nauseatic feeling. in the process, dreaming of a date with tony eusoff. hmmmm.....

12pm- dida wakes me up from my beautiful fantasy asking me for a bkshop's phone no. also calls me a f*** for suggesting she gets married! heheheh. am updated about the latest happenings, then proceed to rummage my already messy room for the phone the process, i proceed to tell her that i got depressed when i read her blog yesterday. i'm feeling very OLD right now.

12.15pm- sigh...have to bathe and get ready for school.

1pm-busy getting ready and ironing skirt. wonder if i can borrow a cheesy romance novel from the lib.

1.50 pm- realised my aunt misscalled me. she's coming this fri, and i can predict a major shopping session with her. wonder if there are any mud pie sessions this week. queasy feeling coming back. Thinking of the beef stew i will be having tonite. yum!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A laundry room! With dryers! All your clothes cleaned automatically! Heaven!! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

memory loss

this is going to be my literature review for my physio selective. exercise and memory loss, to be exact. Since this month is so slo-mo, i find myself waking up around 8-10 every morning, eating my breakfast, and wanting to go back to sleep again.

the sem 5 results are out, and i bid a goodbye to all my seniors. i'm hoping they all did well and all passed. i hope none of them have to resit, cos that would make me scared. i am now deciding whether i should really go to a doc and get some more antibiotics cos i;m still coughing like mad. on the other hand, i kinda like it; its like exercising when you're sitting. ever heard research about where they say ppl who fidget more lose more cals? well, i think i am an example of one. the worst thing is when i can't sleep at night. that sucks.

Gayatri and irene came to my place yesterday to return my house of wax dvd. i must say, i like the way paris hilton died. it was the highlight of the entire movie. i managed to watch a little bit of 'growing up gotti' and suprise, surprise, i think that her son carmine is absolutely cute!! he's got the looks and the style. And i still prefer paris to nicole richie. She's not so bitchy as the former.

dida is now becoming the official shrink of many ppl, including me. she does make a good one, i might add. no pretensions, no soft words, just right-smack-in-your-face. haha, i'm thinking she's actually blushing now!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i am so blur

thanks to my dad giving me the kalimantan flu virus, i've been having sleepless nights for this week. I'm coughing like nobody's business. and i would like to thank bren for giving me a nice pic of american longkang covers.

i went out to bangsar for dinner last night with dida and a new acquaintance, fizah, the two of them are so alike in mind, its fate that they were bound to be good friends. ah, convent girls. how i like the way we think and speak!

the topic last night was about jackass men, specifically s'wakian lads. before any of you guys bash meup, i'd like to say not all of u are that bad, just some. And they happen to be from my races. How embarassing!! I went through another malaysian toilet experience. and this is no joke; when i was peeing a cockroach was racing in front of me. huh.

the topic above is because after the girlie talk i had last night, i've just realised how blur i am when it comes to guys. really,really blur. i wouldn't even know a guy likes me until he says it straight in my face.

anyway, the physio selective i'm doing is ok. thank god i have no exams, its the most relaxed i've ever been.i'm trying my bestest to start studying for sem 5, but i still feel so lax.

Sarah has a picture of a Kuching manhole, so I have a picture of a Stanford manhole. :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

KKB sem 4

Now that i know dida's blogger is working just fine, i'll continue with my kkb story. It all started last thurs when the bus came to pick us up. A tourist bus, to be exact, and there were only 7 of us in the bus. cool, now all the folks think we're jap tourists. the bus driver used the bukit beruntung route instead of the normal one. so it took us to places i never knew before. i came across this township that was smack in the middle of nowhere. its like so many shoplots were being built, but 80% are deserted. it looked dead. the scenery later was nice. we passed thru mountains, paddy fields and vege plots. i was busy trying to get nice photos but its not easy when the bus is swinging around.

that evening was pasar malam, and kkb's pasar malam is da bomb. all of us bought food, biscuits and kuih. i dunno, i feel like i can find basically much more stuff than the kl pasar malams. the next day we went back to kl by public bus. if you think kl buses are crazy, the kkb buses are suicidal. its just like formula one, except that you're in a bus. my hair was swirling around me, and the bus brakes like crazy, throwing everyone about. lali swore she saw a lady in front of her making the sign of the cross. hah. but overall, it was a good adventure. then, we were back in kkb on sunday and stayed till thursday.

the food in kkb is sublime. cheap and really good. i got my last experience of kkb waffles and ice-cream. and yeah, me and lali bought some chinese mag called candy. My version has some soft porn love story that made the cheerleader go high. he has this ability to zone in to the story with the most action. The funny part was when the story had to be translated in english. we spent most nights playing pictionary and cluedo. we were so noisy on one particular night that this lady went to scold us (it was raining some more) and telling us that we were stupid and no brains. Sheesh. and to my utter misery,i was a sandwich between the ever bickering lali and cheerleader. and it didn't help that i was labelled a pygmy.but the good thing was that lali and i agreed that cheerleader's brain IS the size of a mosquito's (if they DO have any brains at all). And it didn't help that i caught him looking at himself in the mirror one too many times. Metros, i tell you!

The hospital experience was good, and i actually learned a lot esp for my obs and gynae history taking.i still will stress that the obs and gynae history taking is one of the hardest.We had a barbecue on tuesday evening, and it was fun, with all the girls taking turns helping. for desert, i learnt that if you put a marshmallow and a small cadbury bar in between 2 biscuits, its really yummy! But nothing beats eating soft, goey marshmallow that's just been roasted.

the last night we were telling ghost stories. the final two really creeped me out. we all slept at 5 am that morning, and i was so creeped out i actually slept with the lights on. i do like sleeping up late and waking up late and taking brunch.

i have loadsa pics from kkb, just give me time to put everything online. and yeah, kkb rocks!

batman bale

heloo there! i've just come back from my bittersweet kkb posting. since i'm at dida's place , and she's telling me blogger's not functioning properly, i've decided to write about batman.

i am still coughing like nuts, but this is because of me gobbling ice cream, ice kacang and cheese cake like mad. am at dida's place now, and i haven't met kieran yet. saw angie and her friend cheng yesterday and the three of us watched batman.

Oh man, Christian bale is sooooooooooo hot. He's the most gorgeous batman to date, and can actually act too. But at times his voice sounds a bit fakey. And yes, i am glad the producers decided not to put nipples on his suit. both angie and i agreed that if we can't have christian as our bf, we could at least try to get a car like the batmobile. True, its big and bulky and not sleek at all, but it does remind me of the frogmobiles the us army has. and the part when batman has to change positions when he wants to fire the enemy or use his jetpower booster is just great.

But christian bale being the batman is the bomb. i dunno, he just fits the persona of batman. my most hated batman is val kilmer. he and his big lips. and michael caine gave a really good performance too. katie holmes was just useless in the movie. they should have given some romance in it.

after that, we went to eat at esquire kitchen, and when we ordered 3 gizzards, it really IS just 3 gizzards. Shocking! Then we met up with her cousin and his friend. if you are reading this angie, i think he's really good looking.its just that he's taken :{ then dida and i went shoe and hat shopping and to my utter dismay, i find out that she can pull of just about every shoe that was on display. even the ones that i find disgusting. i found a pageboy hat that i really liked in topshop. honestly, i look kinda cute in it, like a little girl. its gonna set me back 73, and i'm gonna wait for my dad to buy it for me. i am also aiming on which shoes to buy for my clinical years. i have already targetted one hush puppies heel which looks really nice on me.

then i went to meet up with yvonne and the cheerleader at chilli's. due to my bad cough, i couldnt' drink anything, and dida got formally introduced to them. i had a fun time bashing the cheerleader,and he kept on talking about pygmies and jungle people. i wish i could throw him into the jungle one day and watch him get gored by wild boars. and i think there was a gay waiter that was staring all the time at cheerleader. and when we all went out, the waiter was looking him up and down. EEk!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Creepy but true...

The four boys who were lost in the jungle at Fraser's Hill were found yesterday morning. They reportedly told a member of the rescue team that they had followed a clearly marked trail and followed it till they came upon a "Dead End" sign. When they turned around to retrace their path, the trail was gone and try as they might, they couldn't find it. It was all just dense jungle.
You'd be an "abnormal" Malaysian to not have questions about the supernatural-ness of this incident.
After reading the newspaper article, my mom and my brother had their own stories to tell.
My mom lived in the "sua teng" when she was a kid, and her elders would tell her and her siblings to be extra careful when they were out at night, even in the yard. There was one piece of advice that her naughty brothers didn't follow, which was not to pee anywhere they wished after running around the compound (remember, they were "sua teng" kids :) ). They were told to ask for permission nicely before going about their business, if you know what I mean. But of course, they didn't, until one night they came back into the house real quiet and when my mom asked, they wouldn't tell, but they heeded their elders' advice after that.
My brother had a more sensational story: he had a school friend who was extra sensitive about these things and saw otherworldly entities all the time. My brother asked him whether they looked like they did in the movies, all transparent and hazy, but the friend said they looked like real people except that they would be missing limbs or something. Scary.
I for one, sense, see and hear nothing. I am grateful for this blurness because I can't even watch horror movies, much less experience one.
My friend Tracy told me once that she thought I was quite brave during my first year in university. Why? Because her friend had told her ghost stories that allegedly happened in the college hostel where I was staying and not only that, but that the room that I was staying in (and the other rooms near the toilet) was a hotspot of activity! Well, I can truthfully say that my one-year stay there was uneventful. I can laugh about it now, but it's a good thing she had the good sense not to tell me the stories when I was dorming there. I wouldn't have been able to get a good night's sleep!

* * *
Was watching a documentary that featured the Shaolin monks on Discovery. There are 7 year old Shaolin apprentices who could kick my butt and make me beg for meercy in less 2 minutes flat...maybe less even. I can't even bend over and touch my toes without pulling a hamstring.

P.S. "Sua teng" translated loosely: jungle, rural.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Geez,i am so lazy to write after a long hiatus. i was really sick, so i didnt feel like writing anything. besides, last week my whole family flew down to kl for the gawai holidays, so i had to layan them. Gawai dinner was good, there was a lot of food imported from kuching, esp the ikan terubok and tiger prawns. Yum! NOt forgetting both my grandmas brought all their cakes and lemang. To this day, i have tins of cakes with me....gonna get fat pretty soon.ONe of my uncles also brought satay kajang, and it was weird becos i was thinking of asking my mom to drive to kajang one day just for that.i finally got to see my cousins again after a long time, and we took some pretty good pics.NOw i just need a place where i can host all the pics, there must be around 50 pics in total from my kuching trip and the gawai night.
I am now going to tell the story about how i got 3 nightmares in 3 consecutive nights. i'm not sure whether its me taking all those drugs,or my brain being hyperactive. plus, i seldom get lets start:

nightmare 1: This concerns me and a crush i used to like when i was in uni. in this dream,he is now a succesful businessman, married and having an affair with a very beautiful young girl. The weird thing is, the setting is in a cafe and i'm eating at the table opposite them with a friend.for one, it hurts like hell seeing your ex-crush with someone younger and more gorgeous. two, this dream is so wacky. Anyway,out of nowhere, his wife pops up and finds out the two of them there. he, being the chicken, just leaves her and joins his wife. the mistress was left alone, and she played with her hp.then, she joins them, and sits next to the wife. She just keeps on looking at him. if you can imagine how a puppy looks at you when it wants something, that's how she was. And in my dream, she looks like the actress sofea jane. And me? Being unlucky enough not to be the wife or the girlfriend. Sob!

Nightmare 2: This dream took place in santubong,kuching and its about a class trip to the doesn't really involve imu ppl nor the st tri's. in the dream, one teacher dared us students to swim to a nearby island in pairs. The winners will get some nice prizelah. i can remember that i paired myself up with a girl, and that i was swimming first. Suddenly, there was this really huge wave that crashed into us, and i could feel myself drowning, literally, and i remember the sensation of the waves pulling me deeper into the sea. the first time i tried to surface, i couldn't beat the sea. i tried a second time and they managed to pull me out. in this dream, around 20 students were missing...and my dream fastforwarded towards nighttime, when the low tide came. so, the teacher asked us to volunteer to walk out to look for the missing students. i did, and me and a friend walked around the beach. The first person i found was a friend i knew, and he was just entangled among the lalang surrounding the kampung. Then, both of us walked out to sea, and after a few mins walking, we found another guy whose legs were sticking out of the sand. we couldn't even pull him out at all. i said a prayer, and after that, a shooting star flew over ( like the release of his body). Then i was back in the kampung house, and feeling creepy all over, because all the souls of the undead were roaming, and we couldn't find the others.

Nightmare 3: this is my own fear of never checking my feet. i always thought my feet were pink and healthy. one fine day, i looked down, and saw that it was smelly, black in color, just like a dead foot,except its attached to me. worse still, the skin was flaking off,like a sheet of paper, and i didn't know whether i should peel it or cut it with a pair of scissors. in the middle of my foot,there was a hole like this:

Image hosted by

except that i could stretch open the hole and look inside. And to my utter disgust, i found a white worm wriggling inside. i mentioned it to my dad, and he just smiled, went to my foot opened it wide and took something to extract the worm out. in my dream, i saw him stretching the hole so wide and just tugging at the worm. and i think i was screaming from the pain. when he took it out, the worm was totally white, except for a black band in the middle.Yucks!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


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Friday, June 03, 2005

Sarah, where are you?

My blog boss Sarah has gone AWOL for about a week now and I have a feeling that the photos she promised me is not going to show up anytime soon....