Thursday, December 21, 2006

its the holiday season!

i am guilty of not updating my blog for a month. i just feeeeeeeeeeeeel lazy. Yesterday was the long case exam of my psychiatric posting. i had to clark a case which was diagnosed as mental retardation with psychosis and depression. Talk about tough! i diagnosed the case as adjustment disorder, because the patient told me her own story. in cases like this, a complete picture of the situation is needed from the other family members. I should pass though, but when i heard of the true diagnosis, i was so flabbergasted. Just goes to show that in psychiatry, nothing is definite.
I have a month before my final end of semester exams. hmmmm, my progression is slow, and i have so many things to study. i hate the fact that i have to do case reports, research and have 2mcq papers in one posting. sometimes its a bit overwhelming. funnily though, i handle this stress by imagining that i'm smoking cigarettes. Even though i know smoking is bad, i still think if i were to try smoking, i would like it. Blame those cigarrette ads!!
After 5 weeks of posting in psych, i have come to fear psych patients less. The first time i went to the ward, i was scared of those patients, and what they would do to me if they suddenly went into a rage. but by the second week, i was beginning to enjoy myself. and i found out they are no different from you and me, and sometimes sad events in their lives made them become like that. I have encountered around 10 cases where patients lost control of their lives because of a sad past.
A few of my ex-primary and secondary school friends have married this past year. I hope they have a happy marriage, and i also hope they'll have gorgeous kids! congratulations to emily, diana thian, joyce ho, jenny jee, and josephine kueh. if its my turn to get married, i will definitely inform everyone, but pls be prepared to book your own air asia flights :)
AAaargh, i can't wait to go back for christmas. i want to see all my cousins and aunts again. the best thing about family gatherings is that i get to update my news on everyone. And get to go a bit crazy once in a while. also,i want to see how my cousins have been growing up. I haven't seen some for many years. and i miss the christmas mass in st joe's church,i hope my parents are 'rajin' enough to go for the midnite mass this year. When the choir sings carols at midnite, it always makes my hair stand, its that meaningful. It always reminds me of how special Jesus is and how grateful i am that he was born into this world for us.
Ho-hum, i am definitely getting a handphone for xmas, and i most probably will be getting a nokia,but i'm not sure what type. The worst part is having to negotiate with my parents which type to buy. Man, i hope my aunts give me some extra cash so i can spend a bit more.

anyway, here's a Merry christmas to everyone. Enjoy your holidays!!!!!