Monday, January 08, 2007

god does exist

so....xmas is over, new year's is over, and i have less than a month for my finals. I have to study for finals, long case, and 2 mcq's. its enough to drive anyone crazy. and sorry, i dont' have time to listen to anyone's complaints/whining until the end of chinese new year, because i am going to be selfish, and make sure i pass this finals. I do NOT want to waste my parents money, or my time, because i am getting old. almost everyone is getting a bf and getting married. I on the other hand am still single and blessed with big eye bags.
now i'm in my orthopaedics posting. i find this a challenge, because whenever anatomy is concerned, i have problems remembering everything. and the clinical examinations are numerous. Not to mention all the nerves that are involved. Sometimes i really wonder how i'm going to pass everything.
Today, i lost my wallet. yes, i thought i lost it because on my way back from class, i was about to dig into my bag and pull out my wallet to pay something. and it wasn't there. At that time, i was in a friends' car. And his bag was next to mine, and ZIPPED up. YOu'll understand later why i emphasise the fact that his bag was shut tight. so poor me was dumping everything out of the bag, searching his car, then searching the entire school for my wallet. I even asked my classmates if they saw my wallet.
I don't mind if money is lost, but its my ic and driving license that i'm particular about. Those from sarawak would understand that an ic shortens time at the immigration booth on our touchdown at any s'wak airport. we don't have to fill up so many forms. anyway, i got depressed and was prepared to go to make a police report the next day. Half an hour after sending me, my friend called up and told me he found my wallet sitting on top of his bag, which was zipped tight, and which was locked in the car. After sending me, he went back to uni to pass up something. when he opened his bag at first, he didn't see my wallet AT ALL. and he swore by this. and he left his bag in the car and locked the car. When he came back, the wallet was sitting on top of his books. He himself was puzzled by it, and so am i. I mean, it is possible that my wallet accidentally dropped into his bag. But his bag was closed when i opened mine, and if it was already inside, he would've noticed it when he first opened his bag after sending me.
I told him a ghost probably stole it and put it in his bag. But honestly, his bag wasn't really close to mine in the first place. Does anyone think that God did help me after reading this? I hope so, because i believe He did. Anyone else who thinks i'm having a delusion or am going crazy would probably be right too, but i just can't explain it. maybe my wallet does have special powers after all. But dear God, thanks for saving me the hassle of going to the police station tomorrow.