Tuesday, September 12, 2006


last week i had a kindof deep conversation with a friend. it was about how to ignore the people who seem to make her life hell. Im sure we all remember the times we were in school and each of us were in our own little cliques. When i told her about life in my secondary school, she couldn't believe that there were so many different characters to be found just in one place. i told her then and there that the best place to send our daughters would be to a girls school because thats where they grow up fast and learn about other peoples's characters. to me, guys are more straightforward. you know what they really want to do according to their actions. but girls...are a bit more mysterious. if i were to equate girls with an animal, id have to say a cat. i don't know. there are so many different facets of a cat that seems to resemble a woman. Anyway, i've always been able to avoid direct catfights cos i either mind my own business/ i keep a low profile/ people do not want to mess with me. My ego sincerely hopes its the latter. i do feel sad for girls who have not matured and have not grown out of their secondary school days. i dont see the point of girls making fun of other girls and acting like they're the coolest people on the entire planet. I do believe that each of us should mature according to our time, and we should learn from our own mistakes. when i was in my early twenties, i did a lot of stupid things. but if i didnt do them and regretted my actions, i would have been doing it today. and that would be majorly embarassing.

I also believe god works in truly mysterious ways. Each of us here on earth has a specific mission to do, and no matter how we stray far away from our supposed path, he will always lead us back to it. And i believe that if we do want to be useful people on earth, if we are sincere and do ask god to let us be His instrument, he will awnser our prayer, but not in a way that we expect. And i'm sure i'm not the only one who has experienced this.

And finally, even though i am a christian, i fully believe in the laws of nature and Karma, whereby whatever you do will come back to you. I dunnolah, just that i got pissed of listening to my friend's story of how she got treated by people around her.

today i went to the paeds ward in PD. we clarked some cases and presented them to my lecturer. i am still having a problem in making up the differential diagnoses for the different cases. Paeds to me is not that hard to study. the hardest thing is to take an excellent history and to be superobservant. And its true that 80% of your provisional diagnoses comes from the history taking. Whatever it is, i'm NOT interested in becoming a paediatrician. i'll stick to my dermatology, thank you very much!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I am now in the tmnet office waiting for the queue. its fantastic that they have a free net browsing service (even though its only 15 minutes). Its been a week into paeds, and so far, i have no complaints. i still feel a bit lost though, as i haven't had any case presentations yet. I made a child cry today just by standing next to her bed. how bad is that? its fun, but i dont think i will specialise in it.