Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hey guys, its been a hectic week for me, with gawai and all (i actually had to be on call during 2nd day of gawai :( ) I didn't do anything for gawai, just went to kampung for dinner. Kampung is quiet these days cos all my cousins are not around. Everybody seems to be working in kl these days. Postcall day was good because my favourite registrar happened to be on call too. I am going off on a 4 day holiday to kl today, i really need the break because O n G is really hectic, and the oncalls are worse than paeds on call. i haven't lost any weight yet, because when i am stressed i tend to eat more.
Since i don't have much time to update my blog, i've logged on to twitter, in the hopes that i can be more 'rajin' to post up stuff. it will still be the same add: sarahsmalady.
Off for my spending spree holiday!!