Monday, April 06, 2009

A new posting

I've officially ended my paediatrics posting last saturday, going out on a bang with my last oncall (which also happened to be the 2nd busiest night of all). I'm glad that i went through my first posting without any problems, but also sad because i'm leaving my colleagues and MO's. YOu know, the first time i heard i was going to be in paeds, i felt like crying because everyone says paeds is bad, you;ll get extended bla bla but, i'm actually really sad to be leaving it. the MO's became nice to me from the 3rd month onwards, and the current housemans that are in paeds are really nice to work with. I'll be going to O n G next (they recently extended a houseman for 4 months) and i am more scared of this posting than i am with paeds. got some garang MO's there, and the fact that i have to be extremely vigilant with my CTGs and labour room hecticness.....thank god i'm still having my leave. i'll be startin fresh again this coming thursday (hate tagging ) and luckily for me i have another houseman from paeds there. I hate tagging alone.
Yesterday out of boredom, i went for a drive to Lundu with my family. I love going out for a drive, and i've been thinking of going for a drive to santubong, just for the heck of it. Lundu has a hospital, with only 2 MO's there. Don't think i want to work there, i prefer a hospital with more MO's. I finally went to Pandan beach, i've never been there my entire life. The beach is relatively clean, not much of human rubbish, mostly driftwood and coconuts. The sand is really sandy, not like the beaches you get in bako or pasir pandak, where its mixed with mud. The view is also amazing. it was high tide when i arrived at the beach and i didn't have time to bathe. the other reason was because there were sandflies at the beach and i hate getting bitten by one of those.
I went to watch Fast n Furious 4 yesterday, and its the same old stuff. Vin diesel still looks hot as ever :) My dad says Spring might have tgv sometime soon, so i don't know how the other 2 cinemas in kuching are gonna compete.

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