Sunday, February 01, 2009

Show me the money

Its been a month that i've been working in Nursery. It has also been a week since i've been the maternity houseman. That means i was covering the labour ward, OT and maternity wards. I x mind the first two, but i hate covering maternity. They refer all sorts of cases to me. The frequent ones are undescended testes and wide suture lines. I find it amusing that some of them can't palpate testes, and frankly i find it a waste of my time. As for wide suture lines, sometimes even i have a problem trying to differentiate between a normal skull and those with a real wide suture line. And being the maternity houseman can be very tiring. THere was one day when i had to attend to 8 OT cases, so i had to go back at 9pm that night. it is also hell when you are post call and you have to do your maternity rounds. i think i will miss the nusery after this, i have gotten used to the place, and will be sorry to leave the place.
I went on a shopping spree today after finally getting my pay for 2 months. The feeling of seeing so much cash in my bank account takes away most of the depression that i get during my work. i bought 2 trousers and a new blouse, since i am in the process of losing weight....and also lots of cereal for the mornings.
I finally went to try out the restaurant in town called Jambu. it serves western and tapas food. I loved the ambience of the place, its an old converted bungalow. its nice for couples to have dinner there. The food is ok, no different from any other place. it made me feel like i was somewhere overseas, like australia. the owner of the place is a new zealander who married a local. There is also a bar for those who need a drink.
I didn't do much for chinese new year, i had to work on that day, and my parents didn't do much of house visiting. I hate post CNY cos most babies get delivered, so we see a lot more babies with health problems. Hopefully this month there's not much of babies getting delivered.....
I also saw the prequel movie to Underworld...rhona mitra is so-so in her role, but i find the actor who played her lover quite hot,especially with that leather outfit :) otherwise i preferred the first underworld movie.

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